Hello from Costa Rica everybody.  I am calling Costa Rica my home for the next 5 months and the internet is not always available for me here, but I will be posting as much as I can.  Hopefully my semester will be very easy so I will have plenty of time to post.  Here are a few words about 2012 before I get to my countdown.  2012 was an anime season full of disappointments for me.  Many anime on this list I never expected to watch let alone put on this list.  For an anime to make my top ten list it had to have ended in 2012.  Shows like Psycho Pass and Shin Sekai Yori will not be on this list and will be considered for my best of 2013 list.  On the other hand shows like Mirai Nikki, Fate Zero and Guilty Crown were considered even though they started in 2011, because they ended in 2012.  All right so let’s get to the countdown.

10. Ano Natsu de Matteru Ano Natsu de Matteru wasn’t a game changer but it was still an enjoyable anime.  The story is nothing new but it was still charming.  Ano Natsu was able to prove to me that J.C Staff is able to create some gorgeous animation when they feel like it.  The romance aspect to the shows was decent and the ending was satisfying.  There was the perfect amount of melodrama without making the show over the top.  I guess I can add Sci-fi/Alien interspecies dating shows to the list of anime I like.

9 Sankarea Sankarea turned out to much more than fan-service.  It brought up some interesting points about sexual abuse and you learn to love to hate the father.  The anime at some points felt a little generic, but the drama and some funny moments helped set it apart from other anime this season.

8. Another P.A Works can make a damn pretty series and Another is no exception.  While the show has terrible character development, bizarre pacing and some plot holes it is almost just worth watching for P.A Works attention to detail.  I liked how Another had long build up that resulted in some intense shock value.  It’s a shame there aren’t more horror anime in Japan, I would love to see more.

7 Kokoro Connect

I haven’t watched the OVA’s, which came out a few days ago so this is based on the 13 episode series.  Kokoro Connect may have had some of the worst animation of the season but it was still an enjoyable anime.  The show was full of self-centered characters, which led to some fun to watch drama.  Also the show had some funny jokes and I look forward to the OVAs to clear up a few points.

6 Mysterious Girlfriend X  

MGX was the surprise of the year.  Who knew that a series that revolved around drool could be so good?  I loved the 90s influenced animation with the modern twist.  It seems like not a lot of people have watched this anime, so go out and watch it!

5 Kids on a Slope

Kids on a Slope was a fresh version of a typical high school romance.  I loved all the music throughout and fell in love with the jam sessions.  I liked how the writer was able to make the characters feel human and learn from their many mistakes they made because they are so young.  The show had a great ending making it a show worth watching.

4 Fate/Zero

Fate Zero started airing in 2011 but it ended in 2012 making it okay for it to be on this list.  Fate Zero had wonderful animation, interesting characters and spectacular fight scenes.  It may have been higher on this list but there are some episodes I found irrelevant and boring.  I look forward to watching more from Ufotable, they are a great studio!

3 Nisemonogatari

Some people loved it and some people despise it with their whole beings.  I found myself enjoying the whole series immensely even though it made feel very dirty sometimes.  I didn’t care for the loli and incest aspects of the show but I still loved the animation, characters and story.  Nisemono may be a shell of Bakemonogatari but it is still a damn good anime in my opinion.

2    Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita

Jinrui wa Suitishimashita known as Humanity Has Declined in America was another surprise of the season.  Don’t let the fairies keep you away from a dark pessimistic series about human extinction.  I loved how the show was  bright and colorful which was the complete opposite of the despair that is represented in this series.  The same goes for this the fairies, they look so happy when in fact they full existentialist thoughts and self-doubt.  The protagonist of series brings a grim outlook on life, and really helps the series move along.  Go watch this series and prepare for some bizarre and frightening moments.

Before I get to number one on my list I want you guys to promise to not get mad at me.  This show technically aired entirely on December 31 2012 so guess what it is fair game for this list!  Yah that’s right my number one anime of the year is Nekomonogatari (Kuro) if you haven’t guessed by now, one of the prequels to Bakemonogatari.

1 Nekomonogatari (Kuro)

Nekomonogatari managed to bring this franchise back to all its glory.  First off the story was incredible; it was great to learn so much about Hanekawa and what a shitty life she leads.  The animation was amazing, maybe not at Bake/Nise level because it is an OVA but it still has the same style written all over it.  The characters and the dialogue were both amazing and well written. There is a lot less brother sister flirting going on which is great. The flirting doesn’t get in the way of the series like it did in Nisemonogatari.  Nekomono is extremely violent and full of fan service but they both help establish the story.  The fan service is necessary to portray how Hanekawa is losing it and dealing with her extreme stress.

Thanks for reading my list!  I hope you liked it, feel free to post your own.


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