Hello and sorry for the delay! I usually don’t like going days without posting, but I’ve been feeling somewhat ill recently.  However, I’m not going to let that stop me from bringing you guys a post today! Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a sour one.

Recently, I’ve been looking for a new anime to watch. Usually the series I find are by chance only; I’ve never really set myself out to watch a certain anime. At a glance nothing in the 2013 list looks interesting to me.  I can’t get myself to watch much, and the ones that I’ve seen just put me to sleep.

When I look at the previous titles I’ve watched, I feel like I shouldn’t talk. A bunch of my favorites are somewhat generic. For example Negima is your usual harem, but the action and magic bring interesting aspects to the plot. Naruto has almost little to no originality, but still remains as one of my favorites. While it takes place in the world of ninja, the problems addressed are present in the real world. The pattern is pretty clear, but common. Take something cliche, and add on to it. Twist it around and make it even better.


 I can’t really say why there’s a lack of originality as  I’m not sure myself. I’ve seen many of the same plots and reiterations over the course of many manga, anime, and so on. I feel like producers are just redoing the same old things. There’s so much of the same plot, you can even predict how some will end.

There’s your slice of life, usually revolving around high school. There’s the generic shonen, with an underdog main character who  eventually reaches his goal. We have the horror genre with blood, killings, psychos, and other random stuff thrown in. Don’t forget the ecchi or harem genre which basically throws fan-service in your face. We even have classifications for characters; Tsundere, Dandere, Yandere, and so on.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know most anime bring more to the table than what I’ve mentioned, but it seems like the overall concept is the same. There’s nothing unique, nothing that seems to stand out about recent series. It’s almost as if they’re afraid to bring something new to the plate, like a character that doesn’t fall into one of the generic classifications. Why not mix it up and combine two types?

moe03 020

 So what’s the answer? How about some new ideas? Sure with the thousands of titles out there it may be hard to come up with something completely original, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Just being an anime fan doesn’t mean we should sit back and watch. We have a voice, and we can use it. How about creating something ourselves? We rant and complain about the things we dislike, but do we do anything? Do we do anything to change the anime scene?

Then again, it could just be me. I could’ve lost my taste in anime without knowing it! I could be seeing things wrong. Perhaps others think the new anime is the best of all time. What do you think? Is this a good year for anime?

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