I am helping out Rei today because he wasn’t going to be able to get to Tsuritama this week.  He is sure missing out not being able to give his thoughts on this episode because as you know the series got crazy.  I did review the first 2 episode of this series on my personal blog but it wasn’t the easiest thing for me to review for some reason.  So please cut me some slack, I’m sorry if this post isn’t great.

I really like how Yuki is developing as a character.  Throughout the beginning of the series he was really socially awkward and had trouble interacting with others.  It is nice to see him the past couple episodes really coming out of his “shell” and able to become great friends with Haru, Natuski and to a lesser extent the captain of the ship.  It was also very thoughtful of him to want to catch a tuna for his grandmother for when she got out of the hospital.  It is another example of how he has grown as a person.  He would have never in the beginning of the series tried something so difficult for someone else.

We got to see a lot of Akira again for the second time in a row.  I don’t really like him he isn’t very nice to Yuki.  The rest of the cast isn’t nice to Akria, for a reason, maybe because he is Indian.  The captain keeps calling him Indian, he has a name…and here is where I point out all the stereotypes in this episode.  Okay there is only one but it keeps showing up in almost every episode.  It shows all the Indians shoveling curry & rice down their throats.  I am sure there is more to the country of India than curry.  I’ve found that Anime never represents India very well…just look at Hassan Fullbush, he even fights with curry.  I guess I can’t complain about stereotypes in Anime, because television in America…is much worse.

It is now time to talk about the part that made me go WTF!  It all started with the artificial reef.  The boys were all told to stay away from it even though it has an abundance of fish.  It most likely has something to do with the dragon.  When the boys got near it Haru starts to act strange.  There were triangles floating over his head and the fish started to act all strange.  There were several memory loss moments, probably due to Haru’s water gun.  What I concluded from all this was that Haru might not be the sweet loving Alien everyone thinks he is.  What are his motives…maybe to catch the dragon.  Maybe the dragon will grant him and his sister a wish, the whole Dragon Ball Z thing.  That might be a little bit of a stretch but nevertheless Tsuritama got very interesting this week.  Also at the end of the episode Yuki narrates and said that Haru would begin to act weird and not like himself.  Why!?!? I can’t imagine Haru not being his crazy self; I am left with so many questions.

(Drawn by Nekoenezu on deviantART)

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