Very lively! This episode was really good. There isn’t much to talk about last week, but this week there should be more interesting stuff to talk. First of about the fishing rod called Lunamis, it’s the real deal. They didn’t make that name up because it’s a real fishing rod made by Shimano. Google Shimano LUNAMIS S1006M  🙂 Akira knows quite a lot about fishing tools, as expected from a secret agent. And how the hell does Haru knows everyone already? This needs to be explained. I’m just curious. I really like the captain(Ayumi), he should keep doing that ‘Yatta!’ moment. Things that I’ve yet to like is Haru’s sister. Her tone and her way of speaking is very annoying. Oh and if you watched Mirai Nikki you will hear Murmur’s voice when Akira was watching the TV at his secret hideout.


I though Akira was going to get along with Yuki and the gang but in the end I was very disappointed. Would be interested to see what turn of events that will make him join the group in the end. We are getting there, I think. The fishing part was definitely the best part of the show. It’s very lively and it’s fun to watch. The background music really gets the mood going. Natsuki is getting nicer in each episode and if you notice he keeps smiling all the time in this episode. Things that I like the most about the show was how nice captain Ayumi is towards Yuki. Didn’t think he will has such a personality when he first made his appearance. Yuki is leveling up very well in this episode, not only did he talks to everyone else he also has more confidence in himself.

So much positive stuff to talk about in this episode. It was very good. So the show isn’t only fun to watch but it’s also a show that could teach you on how to fish.It has been good and consistent from start to this episode. I will keep watching this show and there is no turning back now. I’ll keep blogging about Tsuritama and of course I hope you guys will keep on reading my thoughts. 🙂 Before I end this post, i’d like to thank everyone who voted for us on the Aniblog Tourney. We won another round and are now advancing to round 3. It’s going to get tougher and we hope you keep on voting for us. See ya.

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