I finally have time to watch this anime. Since it’s the weekends i’m pretty much free for today. So yeah, time to catch up with my anime. Tsuritama is fun to watch, nothing really serious going on except for Yuki’s social problems lol. I’m not quite sure why he can’t speak a single word when he is feeling depressed and stuff in front of people but I’m pretty sure in real life, this problem could be sorted out in just a couple of days when you were in elementary school. Finally Akira and his duck showed up. I was wondering when he will make an appearance at school. So he decided to bring his duck along with him, I wonder why the teachers never stopped him.lol! I’m not quite sure how well he will blend in but what i’m sure is it’s going to be fun. As for Yuki’s grandmother she looks like she has some health issues(considering she is old) and i’m kind of worried what will happen to her.

Alright on to the interesting part of Tsuritama. I’m sure some or most have notice this but I’ll just talk about it anyway. Remember in the first episode where Haru brings his fish a long with him? Where is the fish now?  And in episode 1 the fish could talk and called Haru his big brother and suddenly in this episode his sister showed up. Does that mean that what they mean by being ‘aliens’ is actually, fish? Well makes sense anyway considering they want Yuki to fish for some reason to save ‘the world’. Their world I suppose. And Haru is scared of cats for some reason too.

So far Tsuritama has been good. The animation is still great and you could see the details everywhere in the show.  The only thing I’m wondering is how all of them is going to be teaming up together. Once they solve that it’s going to be fun and that is probably when the real stuff kicks in. What I hate about this anime is that they had to use the name Yuki. I heard the name a million times in Mirai Nikki and i’m sick of it. Haha. As always looking forward to the next episode and thank for reading.

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