Tsubasa Tiger, Part One Impressions




Finally what I have been waiting for since it was announced last year, Monogatari the second season.  Monogatari is animated by Studio Shaft, and directed Akiyuki Shinbo.  Episode 1 takes place during the events of the Tsubasa Tiger arc of the Nekomonogatari White light novel.


First off I was always under the impression that Koyomi Araragi was the only one who could see Hachikuji… I guess not.  The episode starts with a conversation between Hanekawa and Hachikuji, quickly reminding me why I love this franchise so much.  The episode was full of the dialogue and banter that this franchise delivers so well.  I loved the blatant foreshadowing/spoilers that Hachikuji tries to tell before she is quickly shut down.  “My episode will be in the next title.”  Does that mean no Araragi in this Tsubasa Tiger arc, are the girls going to have to solve everything on their own?



Anyway if you loved Bakemonogatari you will probably enjoy the first episode of the Tsubasa Tiger Arc.



There are plenty Head Tilts.


Plenty of Fan Service


And whatever this is!

 Anyway the Tsubasa Tiger Arc looks like it is going to delve into the fucked up life of Tsubasa Hanekawa.  Instead of asking for kelp from the Araragi family, the Senjogahara family, or anyone else after her house burns down she decides to live in the old abandoned cram school…alone.  Glad that Senjogahara put her in her place…what a reaction.  Senjogahara freaks out, a little out of character.  Anyway I am a huge fan of how passive aggressive Senjogahara was in this episode.  Or maybe she is just aggressive.  “I’ll shove a stapler in your mouth and deliver a blow to your neck if that’s what it takes, Ms. Hanekawa” was probably my favorite line of the day.

Anyway this episode was great; I have high hopes for my favorite Anime franchise of all time.

Oh yah…Hanekawa still loves Araragi…This should be interesting.

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