Yay! Rea finally became a zombie! Her father pissed me off this episode. He has no right to forbid his daughter from having a lover. But Rea didn’t even want that kind of freedom. All she wanted was to be able to get out of that damn mansion so she can make some friends and live a normal life! Anyway, now that she became a zombie, she can escape her father!  It’s kind of ironical how the potion was supposed to make her die but in the end saved her! I was rather ammused by Rea’s statement after she woke up and the potion had no effect: I’m not even allowed to die. but at the same time, I felt sad.

I’m positive that Rea and Babu will not attack humans. But, as Furuya’s cousin said, they’re probably going to infect humans if they get into some fights. On a side note, did you guys notice that Rea’s eyes turned red? I think she was cuter before though. Red eyes just don’t fit her!

I wonder what’s going to happen next episode. What will Rea do and how will her father react after seeing she survived the fall and walked away as if nothing happened? She’s not coming back to that mansion, that’s for sure! I have a feeling he will get really angry and blame it all on Furuya. He might want to do something more than just “castrate” him. Well then, till next time and thanks for reading! ^_^

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