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I will be filling in by reviewing episode 1 of Sankarea while Robert waits to get his computer fixed.  Sankarea is an anime series I am really looking forward.  It has the very interesting mix of romance and zombies.  It being the first episode, lets get to   quick synopsis of the episode.

Furuya Chihiro is a high school freshman with an obsession with zombies.  He is in love with them and he wishes he could have a zombie girlfriend.  When his cat Babu gets hit by car he is incredibly upset.  With an old notebook full of instructions to bring the dead back to life and his dead cat, Chihiro goes to an abandoned building to try to bring Babu back to life.  One night while he is at the abandoned building a cute girl by the name of Sanka Rea comes by to vent her problems down an old well.  One thing leads to another and they begin to talk.  Chihiro informs her that he is only interested in zombie girls.  Rea then says that she will become a zombie so that Chihiro will date her.

Wow, these kids have problems.  Seriously, Chihiro is sexually attracted to zombie girls.  Does that make him Necrophiliac? And what the hell Rea, I am sure there are a million guys that would date you, why do you insist on becoming a zombie for a guy you just met.  All this is really weird, but I found myself loving it.  I can see myself getting into a series about zombie love…

There was a part in the series where Rea was talking about her father taking nude pictures of her…to show how much she grew…so gross and awkward…  What kind of f*cked up home life is Rea leading.  I mean if my parents were taking nude pictures of I would sure do a lot more than just scream down some random well.  Although it makes for an interesting premise, zombie fetish boy and abusive home life girl fall in love.

I really liked the first episode so I plan on blogging this series on my personal blog (Xana Anime Review) Episode 1of Sankarea had just enough “weird” mixed into an interesting storyline, just how I like it.  It had a nice dark atmosphere coupled with dark and shadowy animation.  I look forward to what the rest of this series has to offer and I would have to say this is the best of the first episodes of the spring 2012 season which I have seen so far.

Thank you for reading!

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