Saki: Achiga-hen Episode 2 Thoughts


The team is assembled! This week’s episode brings together all of the main characters for the Mahjong Club. First off, we have Yuu, Kuro’s older sister who gets cold even in the summer. And finishing it off, we have Sagimori Arata, a pretty big fan of Harue who decides to join after hearing that Harue has started playing mahjong again. Harue also returns, still not fully recovered from her yips. I was a bit surprised at Arata…I didn’t expect her to accept Harue quitting pro mahjong so easily. I guess it made sense that they needed it to resolve quickly for pacing, but it just didn’t seem natural. Throw in that deal with Ako switching schools so easily and I’d have to say that the show just seems rushed in general. Seemingly a necessity since it’s half as long as the first season, but if they’re skipping the individual tournaments, is it really necessary?

The ending theme has a similar style to the opening…so not really my preference. It looks like the tournament will start up next week, so no training camp this time. I love anime logic. “If we can beat you, then we’ll be strong enough to beat Bansei’s team because you beat them years ago.” Because, you know…team strength in a school stays static across all years. But that’s just me poking fun…it’s not a big deal. I look forward to seeing the super powers of the girls in the Achiga team…if Yuu has a cold/heat-related power, I’m gonna freak out. So predictable >.> Wonder who the super-player on Achiga’s team will be. Kuro? Shizu? They haven’t really indicated who’s the strongest player yet. We’ll just have to see.


  1. That's wight babeh. The Dweam Team has been fowmed and much cuteness both adowable and yuwiwific awaits us in this appetizer if you undewstand me. Hopefuwy it won't be onwy 12 episodes…then again, it's only a spinoff for the main couwse Saki fans have been waiting over twee yeaws for if you will.

  2. Maybe Arata? She was playing with adults before after all.

    I'm just going to enjoy this one without minding how things unfold. I want to see them play already!

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