Nisemonogatari Episode 4 Thoughts


My feelings about this week’s episode of Nisemonogatari are about as split down the middle as the episode itself. On the one hand, we finally learn what happened to Karen and Hanekawa proves to be way more captivating and formidable than we’ve ever seen her. On the other hand… well most of the episode is a girl meant to look 8 years old prancing around sans clothing. Usually it’s just a tease or played for humor, this just felt like pure lolicon bait. The timing of the whole situation was ridiculous, I mean come on, YOUR SISTER IS DYING, WHY ARE YOU TAKING A BATH?! Sure it’s important for us to see Shinobu develop as a character but we could have just as easily seen her coy and playful side with her clothes still on. I suppose setting this particular conversation in the bath does help establish how intimate a connection she has with Araragi (since they’re kind of the same person now or something) but even if she HAS to be naked they could have done so without drawing so much attention to it.

With that out of my system, how about that Hanekawa?  Black Hanekawa aside, I never found her particularly compelling, nor did I ever think she posed a threat to Senjougahara for Araragi’s affections. Guess I was wrong! I love her turn for the devious in this episode. The fact that she would use her relationship with Koyomi as leverage and the fact that Senjougahara is insecure enough to believe she could pull it off spoke volumes for each of their characters. Oh, and have I mentioned I love girls with short haircuts? I still don’t think even Hanekawa 2.0 could break Koyomi’s loyalty, but I’m all for a little shift in the group dynamic.

Despite my little rant at the beginning my overall opinion of Nisemonogatari remains unchanged. I actually like the whole idea of Shinobu’s connection with Araragi and I will be curious to see how much they choose to reveal about her in the series versus what they’ll save for the upcoming Kizumonogatari. It’s just a little frustrating to see some rather intriguing plot and character developments overshadowed by something so unnecessary. Fortunately I don’t suspect that will happen too often.


  1. I am a bit bored of this episode actually. The conversation wasn't too exciting, although I'm surprised to see Hanekawa's hair cut short (I almost couldn't recognize her) and Shinobu talking (kinda reminded me of Holo).

    Who would've thought Hanekawa made that kinda threat to Gahara-san huh? Guess we're seeing more personality changes in Nisemonogatari.

    • Wasn't that exciting indeed. Couldn't recognize her at first, but later on it was good. She is sooo cute btw. 😀
      Holo, ermm I guess you are right, now that you mentioned it :p

      I know. Didn't think it would come to that, but that is just Hanekawa. A lot of changes indeed, not sure if it is a good thing but it does make it a bit more interesting.

  2. I don't care how much the majority praises this episode, I was too busy ripping hair from my head and avoiding the urge to vomit (Which was really hard) during the Shinobu and Araragi bath scene. So stupid catering to hardcore male otakus like that.

    Hanekawa: New look or the old…tough call since she looks good in both styles.


    • Haha I know what you mean, too much of it for me, conversation wasn't really that much interesting as well. I guess Shinobu should have stayed being the quite one.

      Cool down dude, will I get shot if I say it's good? 🙁
      I like Hanekawa with her short hair more than her long ones.
      I'm not sure if it will ever end. But it looks like the interesting part is about to come.

      • As long as the lolicon crap is done with. Seriously, what was the point of having Shinobu speak in a freakin' bath scene? So dumb. Also what they had to say, before I quit out of pure rage, wasn't worth a dime to listen to.

  3. That last GIF is perfect. I love Shinobu's nonchalant attitude in contrast with Araragi's terrified expression. Bath scene was too long but I can appreciate the complex conversation and character dynamic between that pair.

  4. Everyone except Araragi just seems to get a makeover. I smell some actual plot! Lets hope we go somewhere with this story

  5. I'm kinda bored by the episode as well, and I don't think I even remember what the conversation was about already.. D: Shinobu's character is kinda ruined though..

    • True. I wish they would stick with how the character already was in Bakemonogatari. A change of character dynamics, might be a good thing. Shinobu's character is unexpected. At least my Senjougahara is still the same. 🙂

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