Nisemonogatari Episode 11 Thoughts


One thing we’ve learned from watching several of Akiyuki Shinbo’s works: he doesn’t skimp on endings. He didn’t skimp here. This was an impressive finale, blending bold, fast-paced, dramatic animation and music with lots of smart and intriguing philosophy (Yozuru even breaks out Mencius and Xun Zi), and wrapping up the story nicely by getting to the root of things. Shinobu drinks some of Araragi’s blood and powers up to her teenage size, which is a dead giveaway she means business (Her exchange of taunts with Yotsugi prior to their duel is priceless). Finally, Yozuru proves to be far more flexible than she originally seemed. Rather than having to kill or defeat anyone, Koyomi gets off with a severe beating (he quickly heals from) and a goodbye.

I were expecting a nonfatal outcome, though. Araragi’s dealings with Oshino and Kaiki, combined with the resolve bourne from his unconditional love of his sisters, lend him the strength to stand up to Yozuru’s verbal sparring and come out the victor, making her forfeit. It’s not surprising she was university buds with Oshino and Kaiki, and it’s neat how the three of them have totally different beliefs when it comes to the value of real versus fake – crucial in the climax. Yozuru believes the real is worth far more. Oshino believes they’re equal. Kaiki believes the fake is worth far more. It really sums up their respective M.O.s. Koyomi seems closest to Oshino on this point: his sister may be a fake, but she has always been his sister and he has always loved her, so it makes no difference to him.

Teenage version of Shinobu is hot and Senjougahara is cute. The hair doesn’t look bad but I still prefer Senjougahara having a long hair. Yes! We finally get to see Oshino! Nisemonogatari was good but it can’t be compared with Bakemono. I still like Bakemonogatari than Nisemonogatari. What about you? Oh, and I hope there will be a 2nd season or some new arc. We need more monogatari! I’m sure everyone agrees. I can’t wait for Kizumonogatari, I need more Shinobu :3


  1. I did my best to hold back and be professional about my dislike for this show in my review of it, but I failed miserably as I couldn't contain my rage at all. I hope to never write a review as mentally painful and biased as the one I wrote for Nisemonogatari ever again.

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