Nisemonogatari Episode 10 Thoughts


Hey guys, another week, another episode of Nisemonogatari. I like this episode, it has everything in a single episode. The action, the fanservice, the cuteness. Yeah everything! The only thing that I think is wrong with this episode is Araragi’s action towards Tsukihi. Didn’t think any brother would ever do the thing that Araragi just did. The only thing that is wrong with Nisemonogatari is Araragi being too pervy. I like the Araragi in Bakemono better than the one in Nisemono because he is less pervy than he is now. I terms of fanservice Nisemonogatari wins, but in terms of plot Bakemonogatari is way better.

Is this the cutest Shinobu episode ever? Well i’ll let you to decide. Didn’t expect Shinobu to be really that serious when it comes to donuts, I was hoping she was going to tell Araragi something important but it end up being a donut sale. lol! So the two girls last week turns out to be a supernatural creature(immortal slayer), well that wasn’t a surprise. The way they interact with Araragi was really weird to begin with. My reaction was the same as Araragi’s when I found out Kaiki was at the donut shop. The way Kaiki eats his donuts was funny. The conversation was interesting as well. I really like Kaiki, he is a good anti-hero.

The last few minutes of the episode was intense. The two immortal slayers are there in front of Araragi’s house. Not so sure what the girls did but I think they were just trying to kill the Phoenix inside of Tsukihi’s body. Araragi was crazy and he turns into a zombie? due to seeing her sister dead(not really dead btw). Those reaction’s doesn’t really look like a vampire. It was revealed that Tsikihi is not Araragi’s sister to begin with. The details were not elaborated but they say that Tsukihi is not a human like they are and that they are the good guys(girls). Ermm very interesting. I hope the details will be explained soon. I really want to know about Tsukihi now. Oh and I miss Oshino. Thanks for reading.


  1. "The only thing that is wrong with Nisemonogatari is Araragi being too pervy." <- I sooooo agree with you.

    This episode is good in a way that I don't feel that it's dragged or anything. Everything happened so quickly and there were a lot things happening.

    I'd like to know how Tsukihi ended up in the Araragi household.

    • Glad you agree. It's the only flaw that I found in this anime.

      I agree. There is too many stuff that is happening behind the scene which we don't know. I wish they could explain a bit but yeah that won't make it interesting at all.

      Yes that is one everyone is looking forward too. I hope she is still have the some personality after what had happened.

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