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   I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Nintendo. Most of us grew up with their games right? Well Nintendo is still around, but aren’t seen in the same light, mostly because their games are not as “hardcore” as other systems. However, before did it really matter how hardcore the game was? Or was it about if you had fun or not? Hopefully the latter, cause that’s why we all like playing games; because they’re fun!

Recently, Nintendo uploaded a new Nintendo Direct. It featured some of the newest games coming to Wii U and 3DS. If you’re interested in all the juicy details, you can take the time to watch the video, but I would like to point out a few things that seemed pretty interesting.

 Animal Crossing New Leaf

   I spent many hours playing Animal Crossing as a child. The game was the perfect fantasy life, but I was pretty disappointed when the second and third titles were released. Each one seemed less appealing than the first as features continued to disappear. We lost holidays and events, the island, and other additions beloved by gamers. Well, this Animal Crossing has brought everything back…and more!


   We didn’t get to hear much about New Leaf in the most recent Nintendo Direct, but no worries. If you’re interested in the additions, videos are easily found on YouTube. Many westerners picked up the game early, disregarding the complete Japanese text. Others have been waiting for the English release, coming June 9. As a bonus, owners with the Western copies will have the chance to download Nintendo designed houses.

                For curious ones, here’s a few of the newer features.

  • Nook’s Homes: A real estate agency. It is managed by Tom Nook and run by Lyle.
  • Re-Tail: A recycling store which buys items at 20% higher than Nook’s old stores in previous games. Reese and Cyrus run it.
  • Kicks: A footwear store owned and run by Kicks. It sells shoes, socks and other footwear. It is an improvement on Kicks’ old trade of shining shoes in the City in City Folk.
  • Gardening Store: A gardening store run by Leif. It sells flowers, saplings, axes and watering cans.
  • Club LOL: An entertainment venue. It is run by Dr. Shrunk, who is now retired. K.K. Slider performs here by playing his songs or as a DJ. The player can also learn emotions from Dr. Shrunk.
  • The island is back!
  • Houses can now be customized to a further extent than before.
  • Players now have the  power to customize their village’s landscape.
  • Villagers are more diverse.

Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons


   As another signature title, the older Legend of Zelda games are back in action. Players will be able to enjoy Legend of Zelda Oracles of Ages and Oracle of Seasons on the go. These two games hit the Nintendo Eshop for 4.99 on May 30. Sounds like a reasonable price right?  They even have new features, such as connectivity between the two games and a new final boss.

                Even if  you’re not a Zelda fan, these two are a great way to get into the series.

Sonic: Lost World

Would be great for wallpaper.

   Sonic was given a brief mention during Nintendo Direct, along with an ominous image. From the picture, it looks like Sega is sticking with Sonic and Tails for this one, just like the recent game, Sonic Colors.

   Sadly for owners of PS3 or Xbox 360, this game is looking at a 3DS and Wii U release only. We can look forward to hearing more about the game during E3.

   What do you think? Are you excited for the new announcements, or disappointed? What do you expect to see at E3? 

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