News with Power: More mochi, devils, and Chu-2 greatness!


KyoAni’s seventh Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! BD/DVD volume is announced to be shipped on June 19, 2013. The volume will contain the unaired, 13th episode “Kirameki no … Slapstick Noel” (Glittering … Slapstick Noel”) and the six “Lite” shorts.

A Christmas episode… in the summer. WELL, that’s something to look forward to!

In other KyoAni news, they began streaming a new minute-and-a-half promotional video for Tamako Market just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. This is the same video that debuted at Comiket 83 in Tokyo this past weekend.

That bird is simply FAAABULOUS! Right? Yea, I’m right.

Now for something completely unrelated – Pony Canyon began streaming the first full PV for Devil Survivor 2 The Animation on Saturday!

Directed by Seiji Kishi, the same director for Persona 4 The Animation and Angel Beats, this anime is set to air in April 2013! Now that’s some amazing news! I’ve been starving for some more Shin Megami Tensei!

That’s all for now, folks! Happy New Years! ^_^


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