Luna Moe Alarm Clock


Hey again! In my last Tech and Gadgets post, I showed you all a little bit of Rainmeter.  If you’re a person who likes to customize every inch you can then I have something new in store. This one goes out to you Android owners. Luna Moe Alarm Clock for Android!


   Yeah it might not seem like much, but who hasn’t dreamed of having their own anime style alarm clock? You can trust Luna to wake you up on time. She starts off in the Tsundere mode. Depending on the personality you chose for her you can alter her speech patterns and appearance. The app is free to download and contains absolutely no ads.

Yet, a few extra features require money. The extra personality labeled “Quiet Reserved” is only acquired through pay. (Much to my dismay.) The additional clothing and mode are also premium features.

Concerning her voice, Luna speaks in an accented English. No, she does not speak any Japanese, but her somewhat broken speech patterns provide the same moe effect.


The options are pretty handy. You can set a snooze mode and adjust the amount of time. You can also configure the phone to vibrate with Luna’s yelling. By customizing the alarm volume you are able to hear a few clips of each personality trait. What really stood out to me was the option to set holidays. On holidays, the alarm will not go off, so if you’re running an odd schedule, you’re not forced to change the app everyday. For those who are thinking of it; yes, she’s touchable.



Free Alarm Clock


Anime Styled

Doesn’t Drain Battery


Premium Features

Limited Personality Types

That’s all for now!

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