Inu x Boku SS Episode 9 Thoughts


I’m getting bored of making roundup post so yeah, i’ll just post my thoughts instead. Inu x Boku keeps getting better and better. The further the episode goes the better it gets. Karuta is beyond cute in this episode. We could see how Watanuki and Karuta’s relationship is starting to develop. I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, I soooo ship those two. Their relationship is now on a whole new level and everyone pretty much knows about it as well. “Watanuki.. if you don’t eat a parfait with me…I’ll hate you.” Aaww so cute! šŸ˜€

LOL! Look at those two(the gif above). I can’t believe Chino is turning out to be like Nobara. Well not really, but I guess it’s fun for her to just play along with Nobara. She is the airhead type of girl anyway, which will always remind me of Yui from K-ON. The character design look the same and the voice sort off sounded the same as well. Well enough about them, other stuff that I found interesting in this episode is the use of chibis. There is more and there is bound to be more as the series progresses. It’s a good thing, it’s the part where I enjoyed about the episode the most. Best Chibi part this week is the part whereĀ Sorinozuka and Zange can’t talk and they start to use some sign language. Sooo cute.

What i’m a bit disappointed in this episode is there was no coffee scene that most of us is waiting for. I’m not quite sure if it is going to happen because Kage is back and Soushi doesn’t look happy. Didn’t expect Kage to be back so early, I guess he misses Ririchiyo that much. He is back and it is going to be epic. Sure some might be annoyed with his attitude but I think it is fun to have him sometimes in the show. It seems like the villain here in Inu x Boku is Kage. I’m really not sure to ship who but I think everyone knows how this is going to turn out. Lets just hope the relationship development keeps getting better. I really enjoyed this episode and I hope everyone else enjoyed it too. Thanks for reading.


  1. i also love the pairing of Watanuki and Karuta. they look really cute!! :3
    i think Kage is back as part of the conclusion of the series.

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