Inu x Boku SS Episode 10 Thoughts


This week’s episode is a bit serious than the usual. Kagerou is back and he is bringing chaos to the mansion. Not really in a bad way but in a good way in my opinion. As always after a long vacation, Kagerou bring back some souvenirs for everyone. The funny part about this episode is the part where Zange always gets a whip everytime Kagerou give him a new gift. I’m not quite sure why a whip but I think there might be something dirty… no idea but it was funny and poor Zange.

It seems that the coffee scene that we are hoping for since episode 8 will probably never happen thanks to Kagerou and Soushi. Kagerou wants to have a long chat with Ririchiyo about something. After school was over Ririchiyo’s planned was to have a coffee drink with Soushi but it was delayed again thanks to Kagerou kidnapping her. At first I thought he was going to talk about Soushi’s dark past but in the end he keeps talking about his S&M world again. lol! It was funny and yes Kagerou is just awesome. Wonder when he will ever become serious. Oh and I’m happy for Karuta since she was looking forward for her peking duck lol!

Be prepared for the numerous amount of S&M ficlets between Kagerou and Soushi! That’s how it normally ends up, I guess. I was dying to know what exactly was Kagerou hinting about Soushi and that’s probably revealed at the end – that Miketsukami was deceiving Ririchiyo all the while. It’s quite hard to believe and maybe Soushi has legit reasons for doing so. I still like him though, I’d hate to think he is the bad guy here.Kagerou makes all kinds of S&M stuff sound trivial and easily won Karuta’s heart; compared to Watanuki who has been trying his very best. lol Poor boy… So next week Soushi’s dark past will be revealed! I wonder what Ririchiyo’s reaction will be like when she found out about the real Soushi.


    • I don't think anyone could die in this anime. Well it's not that kind of anime :p
      Well for me Kagerou is awesome. At least he is not a pretender like Soushi is.
      Everyone loves that cute girl. I'll give her a cake factory!

    • Yeah i'm looking forward to his back story. 🙂

      Haha. Yeah that is one of the best part of the show. Funny and S at the same time. Zange is an S and i' m not sure I'm an S or M. That you have to decide :p

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