Hello Everyone!


Hello, I thought I would take a post to introduce myself. I’m Amarantha and I’ll be writing editorials and reviews on anime series, movies, and maybe even manga (if I’m allowed) for WanAbrar during the summer. Just like everyone here, I absolutely love anime and manga! The first anime that I watched as a child was Pokemon, but what drew me into the anime world was Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is still my all time favorite anime and my favorite genre would be the magical girl variety. So no doubt you can imagine my excitement over the announcement of the return of Sailor Moon!

the return of sailor moon

I also enjoy other kinds of genres for instance I like fantasy, sci-fi and mecha, as well as romantic, historical, school dramas. But I’m generally open to most anime and manga out there as long as the plot can draw me in and as long as there isn’t an excessive amount of gore and violence and no ecchi. Oh and my favorite creature is a dragon! So any anime or manga or movie that has a dragon I will watch it, but whether or not I end up liking it would be a different story.

Um … I can’t think of anything else that would be relevant other than blogging is a relatively new experience for me, I have written articles for an online company before, but not anything on a personal level. Anyway thanks for having me here!


  1. And another new member to the site whose leader continues to be absent appears. Glad to meet another aniblogger. I'll be looking forward to seeing what shows you'll be discussing.

  2. Welcome Amarantha! It's nice to meet you. I haven't been writing long, but it's nice to see another new member on the team. I look forward to reading your stories!

  3. welcome, glad to see another writer! i look forward for someone maybe posting about manga because I don't think anyone has ever done that on this site!

  4. Hey thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Although I'm not sure how to take the comment from Xana… šŸ™‚ I wasn't sure how well a blog post about manga would be received but if nobody minds then….
    My recent post Hello Everyone!

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