Hanasaku Iroha First Impression

Short Synopsis: Our lead character starts working at an inn. Before this series started, I thought that it would be just a simple slice of life series. As it turns out though, Hana-Saku Iroha is as much slice of life as it is a drama. this series made excellent use of its first episode, and it really did a lot in just twenty minutes, especially for a series that will be 26 episodes long. It showed the lead character before, and after she moves to her grandmother after her mother pretty much abandons her. It’s both light-hearted, but also already showed what a huge change in lifestyle the lead character went through. What makes this series especially great though, is how detailed it is. The entire cast is versatile, the slice of life is realistic, the dialogue feels very natural and inspired, and the animation is of PA Works usual high standards. This series is definitely interesting. I think the anime will be a big hit. The character design and art in this anime is just amazing. Reminds me of  the anime True Tears. Can’t wait to watch this anime 🙂

ED: Decent J-Rock
Potential: 90%


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