Guilty Crown Episode 22 Roundup


I don’t know what to say about Guilty Crown any more. I’ll keep the raging to myself this time. So lets get to the story. Shu is moments too late to save Inori, and the newly awakened Mana’s dance begins the fourth apocalypse, as countless people around the world become consumed by crystal. Using his friends’ voids, Shu duels with Gai, but is disarmed and struck down. Just when all hope is lost, Inori calls to him from a crystal flower, and he draws her back out. Her song dissolves the crystal all over the world.

As GHQ headquarters collapses around them, Shu stabs Gai, and the two cross over to the Naath Utopia, which lies beyond the apocalypse. Gai tells him the only way for Mana to be put to rest is by letting her finish her role. Shu returns to the real world, where Inori is almost totally encased with crystal, and eventually disintigrates. Together, they absorb the last remnants of the apocalypse virus. Years later, the world is back to normal, Shu survived, and he still pines for his lost love.

Well, it was quite a ride, but all things must end, and end Guilty Crown did. It wasn’t the best ending ever but at least we pretty much knew what was going on, and no last-minute twists or contrivances came out of left field. There was naturally the final boss battle, where Gai who claimed Mana while Shu dug down deep and called upon the power of Inori. Gai was redeemed, as he says in the end he did what he did hoping Shu would come stop him, and he did.

I really dug the new music saved for this finale, including a pretty badass remix of the first ending theme. But I do feel myself hard-pressed to offer more than faint praise for this last episode. To be perfectly honest, the trio of sci-fi shows that came around in January(Lagrange) have caused our interest in Guilty Crown to wane. In that sense, it’s a good thing the series is over.


  1. Argh! Why did the guy have to die after saving Daryl?! I swear that was the first time I saw him make a face like that. I'm not fan raging here but I wasn't going to ship those two guys until I saw that final scene…but in the end I enjoyed this last ep. They should have at least prolonged it one more ep to lengthen the fight between Ayane and Daryl or have Mana fight….but I sure loved this series. What everyone thought was pretty typical or an overdone plot turned out into something very unique in the end.

    • Yeah. His one of the good guys. Even though he works with the bad guys.. Wonder why he didn't enter the lift as well. Lol! You are going to ship those two? I'd go for Daryl and Tsugumi btw. Yes the problem here is it's rushed. They should have extended the ending.

      • Yeah, I also ship daryl and Tsugumi but the issue with this ep is that they barely did anything with them…I mean they didn't even show if anything happened afterwards to each other. It makes me question why would the show introduce them in that manner for each other, they should have at least did something with those two. But alas, the moment I saw that guy carry Daryl into the elevator and sacrifice himself while Daryl makes that sad face…I was like 0_0….well that scene at least gave me something to work with ^_^.
        But anyways, Mana in her reborn? form actualy looked pretty cool, shame she didn't do anything except dance. They should of had her fight Shu during this ep, but the moment she's about to lose Gai steps in which would be the fight for the next ep…but of course….they didn't do it that way. If anything, kind of sad they didn't have a Hare memorial or something.

        • True. That is what I thought as well. and in the end it is a sinking ship. Are they just trolling us? 😐 I wish the ending couldn't have showed something about those to but they DIDN'T! ARGH! I see that you are happy with the outcome in the end. Good for ya. I wish there is a special episode it the works to explain the rest of the ending.

          Yeah. I kinda like her too. I just hated the dark side of her. True. They had to rush things… OMG! Yes! and that! Hare! Where is :'(
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  2. Perhaps members of Wanabrar can help me find enough reason to bash the male lead Ouma Shu. I haven't had fresh meat to crush in a while and I'm hoping this show's male lead's idiocy is worthy of my fists.

  3. CLOSURE! WHERE'S THE CLOSURE?! Goddamit, where's Daryl? Haruka? Everyone else?! Sorry, but the ending was quite terrible… other than the Hare birthday party scene. (*sniff*)

  4. Yes, yes. I'm glad this is over. I'm really happy that it's got an ending. I was afraid that it'll give us a cliffhanger or something.

    • It seems you are not the only one who has mix feelings about the series. I'm actually one of them as well. It's a bit sad but I suppose it's a happy ending as well for Shu because his friends and all are still united together.

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