Guilty Crown Episode 21 Roundup


So Guilty Crown is interesting again. I wish it could be interesting all the time but noooo they had to… Ah well this is the 2nd last episode of Guilty Crown, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. The story starts when the UN launches a massive assault on GHQ, but Gai emerges and destroys the force with a single devastating attack. The Undertakers take advantage of the distraction to infiltrate the building, led by Shu using everyone’s voids as he goes. When they reach Central Command they are blocked by Yuu of Naath, who isolates Shu and duels him. Shu wins, but is a moment too late to save Inori, who Gai has had enclosed in crystal to be reborn as Mana, his Eve.

This episode was actually pretty good. The animation was much better than it had been in the last several episodes, evident in the fight between Shu and Daath in the climax of the episode. I also liked the character relationships in this episode as well; the conversation between Gai and Inori was a surprise. With Gai being our “bad guy” and capturing Inori, it can be difficult to remember that these two had a history; Gai found Inori and gave her a name and a life, which is why she’d been loyal to him in Funeral Parlor and why she is grateful to him rather than resentful when he erases her feelings and memories. And there was also that Shu and Ayase scene that kind of wants to make you ship them (“You are so perfect, Ayase”), even if it’s pretty much clear who our canon couple is. And I feel bad, but I just can’t ship Shu and Inori together because she is basically a clone of Shu’s older sister Mana. Sure, they have separate personalities and it’s technically not incest, but it’s certainly border-lining it.

Anyway, the character development was also decent, if not a little rushed—but what can you expect at this rate since this is the second to the last episode? I was quite stunned by Gai in this episode. After seeing him act so un-Gai-like these past few episodes, it’s bizarre to see the “real” Gai underneath the mask. It’s ironic how his whole motivation is to essentially be with Mana, but yet he initially struggles and copes with this because being the “Adam” to Mana’s “Eve” means he can never die. And I can very well say that it appears as though he wants to. He’s remorseful with Inori when he’s forced to erase her and even gives Arisa one of his trademark smirks (though I still don’t like Arisa, even if she only had one second of screen time and even that is difficult to tolerate). AND YES, THEY HAD DARYL IN THIS EPISODE. THANK YOU. THANK YOU SO MUCH. And I was surprised by how he acted in this episode too. He basically wants to die on his own terms, and you can’t help but feel a little impressed with him. For someone who initially debuted as an ax crazy blood knight, it’s amazing to see how far he’s come in terms of character development. And even though there was no Daryl/Tsugumi in this episode (there were Daryl scenes and there were Tsugumi scenes but there were no scene of them together or mentioning each other sobs), it was hinted that there will be since Tsugumi went “missing” during the episode and will probably try to stop Daryl in his fight with Funeral Parlor. Like I said earlier, the animation was much better this time around, and at the very least the plot is progressing. I don’t I have any cons for this episode aside from a few nitpicks (e.g. WHY NO DARYL/TSUGUMI SCENES), which is great. It’s not like I try to find flaws in this series. If I see something, then I do. And if I don’t, well, that’s fine too. I’d rather praise an anime (when it deserves it) than bash on it.

So, we’re finally coming down to last episode, and I know that’s sparking several theories on how the series will end and who will possibly die. In my personal opinion, I think the series can go in many, different directions. Shu can die, pulling a heroic sacrifice to be the messiah of the world (he is already Virus-infected, and with Inori “gone,” it makes finding a cure difficult). He can become the next “Adam” with Mana (or Inori, I guess, if she hasn’t completely disappeared). Gai could be the next “Adam” for Mana, or he could die (since it seems like he actually wants to given his alternative of living forever without death). Shu could kill Mana again (and thus possibly Inori) to rid the plans of pulling the whole Adam and Eve thing. Daryl could die. Which I really don’t want to think that it could happen, but after the events of this episode, with Daryl wanting to die on his terms and furiously launching an ambush on Funeral Parlor, it’s definitely a possibility. He’s also being a “guinea pig” for the GHQ with those wires and the thing strapped to his chest and piloting the giant war machine Ghost Unit mecha thing too, so if Funeral Parlor doesn’t kill him, perhaps the stress of the machinations will. UGH. Can’t Arisa die or something? Just kidding. Sort of. But I digress. Overall, this episode was actually pretty good and I just hope that the next episode will be the same and bring the series to a well-sounded resolution.


  1. I actually somehow got caught up with guilty crown, i liked this episode and I like the series despite its many problems

    • Yeah the many problem has caused to much pain for the fans. I've seen a lot of people dropping this anime for blogging. I don't really like the anime that much I was actually going to stop watching the anime at episode 12 where Gai died but meh..And now Hare died. I wish she could be brought back to life!

  2. yah i wish Hare didn't die but I had this bad feeling all along that she would because i felts like the series was trying to hard to be code geass so i figured they would kill her just like they did with the girl from geass

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