Fate/Zero Episode 15 Thoughts


I’m kinda late again. Been busy lately with Japanese speaking test and stuff. Well of to the real deal. So Caster’s master was pretty much dead last week killed by Kiritsugu. Although his master is dead, he still exist because of the amount of prana he has. Caster has to get to the shore so he will be able to feed on humans and sustain his prana to get himself materialized in the real world. Rider’s Noble Phantasm pretty much killed his plans and Kiritsugu device his own plans to kill Caster. Lancer is the real man, breaking his curse so that Saber could do her Excalibur move. I see that the budget was spend quite a lot when they animated the Excalibur move. We get to see Jeanne and she is a beauty, in fact even better than Saber but both looks similar anyway. So yeah Caster died. Yay finally!

On to the other battles. I was quite disappointed with the battle between Kariya and Tokiomi. It was pretty much one sided. Kariya’s bug was useless against Tokiomi and in the end Kariya was almost burned to death. Not quite sure how he survive the fall but it looks impossible. If you look at Kariya’s outfit it’s not even burned. I’m not quite sure what Kirei did to Kariya but if you have any clues, do let me know. And hey Berserker was pretty much awesome again. Archer is just playing around against Berserker, i’m am sure that he could just kill him off, if he was serious. But noooo.. he wants to look macho in front of Saber. Don’t think Berserker is dead yet, that would be so uncool if he is.

So episode 2 was pretty much awesome. The animation was pretty much spot on and the action is what I was expecting for. Looks like more battle for us next week as Saber will be battling against Lancer again. Don’t think we will get that much action like the first 2 episodes but maybe i’m wrong again. I’d like to see some Rider action as well but I don’t think that will happen in the next few episodes to come. I want an explanation to what has happened to Berserker and Kariya as well. I’m sure everyone else does to. Looking forward to the next episode.


  1. They mention earlier that Kirei's specialty is healing so he was preventing Kariya from dying (and enjoying his torment). I thought it was strange that Kariya was barely burned (not even his hair) despite being completely engulfed in flames. Those magi must be made of strong stuff to survive that and the fall. Caster and Ryunosuke had pretty merciful send offs despite all the horrible things they did. They both died happy although Caster seemed to have a twinge of regret.

    Saber is once again pants-on-head retarded when it comes to her chivalry. Even though there was literally nothing they could do to stop the monster, which would have killed who knows how many people had it reached the shore, she doesn't want to give up her curse (hell she's even proud of it) until Lancer gives her the okay. It's kind of like how she could have gotten Kiritsugu killed because she felt letting Lancer rescue his master was the honorable thing to do.

    • Ahah. Good explanation there. I completely forgot about Kirei being able to heal. So I guess he was doing something good after all. I know right, I wonder why as well. If they don't explain why he wasn't burned to death next week, i'm assuming they are just lazy to animate that part. Spot on about Caster and Ryunosuke.

      Haha. Makes perfect sense there. I couldn't agree more.

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