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I have no idea what happened to my fellow writers but I’ll kick off the new summer anime season with my first impressions of Gonzo’s new anime InuHasa.  InuHasa, Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyo, or Dog & Scissors as it is known in English is a comedy series based on a light novel series.   This comedy revolves around Kazuhito Harumi a high school boy who loves reading.  One day he is murdered and is resurrected as a dog.  He is unable to read in his new form and now belongs to Kirihime Natsuno a sadist who likes to abuse him with scissors.

The majority of this shows comedy revolves around Kirihime Natsuno breast size.  It is truly a comedy oozing originality.  Yes she is flat chested, such a great reason to make fun of her.  All the other jokes revolve around abuse.  Yay, lets cut the dog.  Are there actually people who laughed at any of this, because I sure didn’t?

Episode 1 of InuHasa was a brain-rotting affair that was in no way entertaining, or funny or in anyway enjoyable.  I wasn’t expecting much from this series but I didn’t expect it to be trash.  Hopefully the rest of the summer anime season will be better.

dog and scis

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