Predictable happy ending but iBRS’ beat-down was badass. STR didn’t die after all – I really don’t see how they can die if their human counterpart still has feelings within them. Everyone including the original Yuu is friends at the end and Kohata hooks up with the guy she liked too. Saya-chan seems friendlier to the girls now. Personally, I only liked the fight scenes in the underworld and couldn’t really pay attention to the school life (except for Kohata’s part). But all in all, could have been better if the show went beyond 8 episodes and didn’t squeeze the plot lines.

The BRS finale featured almost as many tears as bullets, didn’t skimp on lofty deliberations or shaky distraught voices, and all in all did a satisfactory job wrapping up an abbreviated series that didn’t have a whole lot of source material to work with, a fact that became clearer as the story progressed. Even the kickass battle scenes, slick as they are, had become a little repetitive in this, the eighth episode. I am a little relieved that I don’t have to watch four to five more episodes of the same battles interspersed with the same philosophizing about pain and colors.

Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed watching it thoroughly. At its best it served up really well-animated and imaginative action while also dealing with teen girl angst issues in a very over-the-top abstract fashion. It sticks to simple lessons – life is beautiful, don’t hold all your pain in, don’t be afraid to open up to people.

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