Black★Rock Shooter Episode 7 Thoughts


Interesting episode. The battle was awesome and the animation was over 9000! A lot of stuff have been answered and everything is starting to make sense now. It is interesting how the anime series is the complete opposite of the OVA. In the OVA Mato was the one who chased after Yomi but in the anime series it’s the opposite. Strength CAN TALK! That’s some good twist there where Strength and Yuu switch places. Now we know why Yuu doesn’t have a shadow, but in logic she should still have a shadow. Oh well… animes.

This episode might probably be the best episode of the series. It explains a lot of stuff including BRS herself. Who would have thought that BRS has actually beaten the real Strength. The real Strength was all sad and stuff. Who would have though they could even be scared. The death hole.. there are soo many dead bodies. I wonder if we could find some more awesome characters down there. I’m quite happy that Yomi is remembering Mato again. So goes for Kagari, who is also suffering pain right now. If DeadMaster is revived, does that mean Chariot will be revived too? OMG! This is gonna be awesome. I’m all excited now!

You could say Yuu was being selfish by forcing STR into her place and making her face reality(but I could blame Yuu, she has suffered a lot of pain). The reason why BRS is so strong is because Mato brushes her sorrows aside by putting on a smiling/nonchalant face – the worst pain one can handle and it was projected onto BRS. So Yomi got her memories about Mato back and Dead Master is “undead” now. Wonder how the final showdown will be. My guess everyone will fight against Yuu? Maybe. Thanks for reading.


  1. Let's talk the other half of the "fandom"'s language in this reply of mine. I suspect DM will team up with BRS after Yomi snaps Mato back to reality the only way she knows how, then Chariot will reinstall her head on her shoulders, BGS will wake up from her sleep and they'll all team up against Yuu.

    Personally I prefer an orgy.

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