Black★Rock Shooter Episode 6 Thoughts


My brain hurts trying to understand this episode. Sure most of the things have been explained this week, but a lot of stuff still didn’t make sense. I think the thing which is wrong about this series is the way they try to tell the story. They are rushing because the series is only 8 episode’s long, they should make it longer, seriously. I think the pacing will be much better if it’s longer. Trying to understand everything by just seeing it once, doesn’t work for me. I have to at least re-watch it, so I can get a different perspective on what is going on. (not sure if i’ve talk about this on the previous post. Sorry if I have)

With her long hair, Saya really looks like a spitting image of BGS. So we know that BRS started her killing rampage because Mato was overloaded with sadness in her heart that kept building in BRS. Dead Master is dead so Yomi doesn’t have any feelings for Mato anymore – hence she deletes Mato’s contacts from her phone. The one who Saya said she wants to protect in the Underworld is actually Yuu, which is trapped in the Underworld while STR is in the Real World. Well that is what I understand, if you think otherwise, leave me a comment below.

It is sad to know what happened to Yuu. It is really painful to watch. All of a sudden the story focuses on Yuu instead of Mato and Yomi. It isn’t a bad thing for me because that means more Strength! The battle was really epic. I really like iBRS. But to think that Strength is that strong, OMG! STR could like kill everyone in the other world. Finally some STR action, i’ve been waiting to long for this, the other emo stuff doesn’t really matter. What important here is Strength has more screen time! I really like the battle part as always. I wish there was no emo crap though, i’m getting sick of it.


  1. Ami ta demanda un final felis, sino candela ta bai kima. Mi ta garantisa boso tur esei.

    So yeah, Strength gave the action fanboys orgasms (Maybe that will shut them up for a while) , the truth is revealed but It'll take more than that for me to forgive Saya for all she's done, especially to Yomi. Speaking of Yomi…

    E skirbido nan ei ta bai hana un bati di mi si nan no drecha e situashon kun'e i Mato!

    • What the hell dude. Even with google translate I can't get those words to translate lol!

      Are you referring to me? lol! Indeed I can never forgive Saya. What is she even thinking…

  2. For me. the saddest part is when Yomi deleted the Mato folder. The fact that she's letting her go is painful to watch. Like yourself, I had the slightest clue of what this episode is about but I'm glad to see more of Strength. She's adorable. Haha, it's kinda funny to see her dragging the corpse, ignoring the intense fight that was going on on the other side.

    • That part was sad to but not as sad as Yuu for me. Well she isn't really letting her go, I think she forgot who Mato is, it happens when the other you on the other world dies. Haha true guess she doesn't really have to worry about the others since she is the strongest.

  3. It' hard for me to forgive Saya but I suppose her girlfriend, Yuu, forgave her so I'll let it slide for Yuu. I mean that girl's so cute and been through enough so let her have a small glimpse of hope in this grim scenario.

  4. I believe the yuu (from the real world which is str) plans to set the yuu (from the other world) free by forcing mato to fight along with BRS. BRS will eventually win the fight.

  5. STRENGTH!! An epic battle indeed 😀 And that insane BRS . . . INSANE!! It was a pretty cool episode even though I had no idea what was going on. Brain still hurts? lol.

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