So the teacher has commited suicide in front of class 3.  This was probably the most bloody scene so far, but it was still not enough to give me goosebumps :P.  Making two people non-existing didn’t stop the curse therefore Kouichi and Mei will now exist once again! (Sounds kind of weird. lol ).After that accident, Kouichi and Mei learned that the curse was stopped 15 years ago while class 3 was on a school trip early in August that year. Right after they came back to the class their teacher announced that they were going to have a  school trip on the 8th until the 10th of August. I think they’re trying their luck. Maybe the trip will stop the phenomenon just like how it did 15 years ago.

As the tension grows among the students of class 3 they begin to ask themselfs, who is dead? Naturally, they all think its Mei because of her strange appearence and behaivour but she probably isn’t the one. I still have my suspicions on her though. It can basically be anyone, and there is no way to figure out who is dead. Unless we take Mei’s words and believe that the left eye can see things that others can’t.  Maybe her eyes can see the dead! After seeing this episode this is what i’m starting to believe.

Shisa wa dare?
Shisa wa dare?

Later in the episode Kouichi has a dream. A rather unpleasent one I would say. He dreamed how everyone in class 3  was rotting away while being continously asked by Mei, “Who is dead?”  At the end of the dream Mei tells him that he is the one that died while he rots away. He woke up realizing it was a dream. God, this was actually more terryfiying than the suicide. Kouichi is pretty terrified just thinking of it. He then gets a call from his classmate who asked him to come to a meeting at the local restaurant. There he confesses his recent thoughts about him being the one who’s dead to Akazawa.

She then ironically made up an theory which made him quite scared. He didn’t expect that, haha. Afterwards the other classmates join. They give Kouichi some good news. They know who the guy who stopped the calamity 15 years ago is. He is a regular client at this restaurant and one night when he was drunk he was asked by Mochizuki’s sister what actually happened 15 years ago. Details wasn’t that clear but at least there was some lead.

When asked, he said this, “The curse that year wasn’t my fault. I saved them all! I knew I had to tell them so that’s why I left it there.” She asked him what he left, but he doesn’t seem to remember. Doesn’t this seem similar with what Kouichi’s aunt said? She also didn’t remember that well. Could it be that the curse is also affecting their memory?  Kouichi then goes to tell Mei about the news. Afterwards Kouichi was asked if he still thinks he is the one dead. He said he doesn’t think so anymore while looking away. He probably still does. Then Mei ran off behind the curtains into the place where the new dolls are being held. Kouichi followed her and by the time he got there this happened:

Kind of ironical. Mei was the one in his dream who told him he was the one who’s dead but in reality Mei is the one telling him he is not the one who died. But what is really interesting at this scene is that Mei didn’t have her eyepatch on. If I recall she said that her left eye can see things others can’t. Could it be that she can see the dead? Im not sure, but that eye is not normal at all. And with that the episode ends.

This episode was the bloodiest of all. Im really happy that he can now talk with the other classmates other than Mei, it was getting really lonely with only Mei and Kouichi hanging out together, hehe. Also, the preview of episode 8 brough a smile on my face. It seems that the next episode is going to be a beach one! I did not expect this coming from an anime such as Another. So lets hope that the next episode won’t have too much fanservice in it or else it will ruin the anime.

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