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This was pretty much my reaction to the end

Another really is starting to pick up. It started out in its own pace and whilst people were sceptical about what kind of anime this was or where it was leading, I think this episode helped clarify that Another is definitely going to have an interesting back story and looks like quite a bit of blood is confirmed. This episode was quite telling as well, we got the usual imagery and symbols going around towards the beginning:

Alive and well, huh? Just like Misaki...
Is she talking about the dolls, or herself...

However, a new thing appeared in this episode; we actually had some elucidation on where the story was going. Mei showed us what was under her eye patch; an eye. Not surprising to say the least however, I think any kind of outlandish object in there would have just been silly so I guess this is kind of the anticlimactic but good kind of revelation. We had our obvious suspicions as to the identity of Mei but at the same time couldn’t explain what was happening. However in this episode not only were our suspicions confirmed, when Mei recants the story from 26 years ago of Class 3, but also expanded on. Despite this explanation though and the big eyepatch mystery being shown, Another still seemed to throw up more and more confusion. If she doesn’t exist or Kouichi is the only one who can see her, then why do they have those obviously aware looks whenever they cross Mei and Kouichi together. They obviously know he is fraternising with her yet everyone keeps implying she doesn’t exist. Furthermore, it seems obvious to me that her eye isn’t just a doll’s eye. There is obviously some sort of meaning or quality to it. Mei doesn’t seem like the kind to stick things into her eye socket for the fun of it – more interestingly though, is where her eye went. Perhaps its linked to how she died? I’m looking forward to finding out.

Mei doesn't like people ignoring her existence...

Then, this happened! Well I don’t plan on running down any stairs with my umbrella any time soon. But we also lost our meganeko, sad times. In any case, after Mei makes her comment about Kouichi being the only one able to see her and understanding that no one wants to tell him the truth, Yukari runs by and looks pretty startled. Again, this only signaled to me that they could see her, or perhaps they saw her differently to Kouichi. In any case, she is duly stabbed through the neck by her own umbrella but I’m not thinking this is just a series of unfortunate events. Mei obviously had a hand in this and I don’t think it will be the last time we see someone die in this anime either. But when this happened, I started to wonder whether Mei is not actually the hero surrounded by blood we thought she would be (or that was the way she was appearing to me) but, perhaps an anti-hero in the series. Either way, its looking good.

One thing I must comment on was the BMG in this episode. It was great. The piano, the strings, everything was subtle but really chilling at the same time. This episode really had an environment about it – people keep saying BMG’s like in Another lose their impact if over played but I think they use it quite a lot because the whole episode is pretty chilly itself. In any case, it really complimented the scenes in this episode. And the ED was a very nice contrast to the ending of the episode. Another has a really great score so far (apart from the OP). I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode.

Another ED


  1. It was a grim scene indeed. The fatality was just…ouch. What a way to go. This show continues to hold my interest and me likey. As always, the soundtrack is one of the show's main selling points.

    At least we still have one hot adult meganeko and a hidden in the background one. This show still doesn't diappoint.

  2. "Well I don’t plan on running down any stairs with my umbrella any time soon" <- me too! In fact, I'll make sure my umbrella doesn't have sharp pointed end next time. I'll buy one with one of the those flat tips.

    Anyway, things are finally starting to get interesting in Another. I kept asking myself questions like "Is she a ghost?", "Why is she doing this and that?", "Why Sakakibara can see her?" and stuff. But looks like I've got some answers from this episode. Love it.

    • LOL! I'm not even going to touch or use any umbrella at all after seeing that. I've always wondered how people could die with the help of an umbrella. Don't wanna see that though and no one should die like that šŸ™

    • How could I have missed such an obvious joke?! Thank you so much Hoshiko. Anyway, we all knew she was a ghost, this episode just confirmed things. Anyway, moral of this episode, umbrellas and stairs don't mix.

    • I've actuall always feared getting stabbed by one of those things, looks like my uncommon paranoia is spot on! All my umbrellas have flat, plastic tips!

      They are definitely starting to get interesting and we're getting some answers. The very good (and at the same time curious) thing about Another, is that its answers only seem to pose more questions. I do have very high hopes for this show.

  3. Finally we get some answers but damn more questions seems to be rising up in the show.
    Episode 3 was so good, this is the thing that i'm planning to see when I watch this show.

    Now i'm curious to know the other half of the story which happened 26 years ago.
    I'm also thinking of picking up the novel soon šŸ˜€

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