Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 11 Thoughts

I know this was coming. I didn’t actually watch Onegai Teacher, so I don’t actually know what is going to happen. So Ichika’s sister came to warn her that she and her friends are in danger and there is no choice. To save everyone Ichika had to go back home. Haha it’s great to see Kaito and Ichika sad for once. I was really happy that they were sad this time, they were so happy when everyone else(Tetsurou,Mio and Kanna) suffer. Not that i’m mean or anything but I seriously don’t ship those two. The Great Remon was there to help and there might be a chance that Ichika can live on planet Earth with Kaito. Damn… Didn’t expect that.

So the mission is the find the place and get the other alien’s to acknowledge you as one of the federation. Remon is just simply awesome in this episode and Rinon is soo cute. Who would have though that Remon could drive a van. As they try to find the location, the rescue robot thingy was able to spot them running away and damn the action part was awesome. I wish this show could have been a sci-fi show or something. And what is with the robot arm(Strength arm from BRS) that comes with the van? They were able to punch the robot with that and got a way. Remon is just simply awesome, it’s really over 9000 this time. But in the end the Van flipped(thanks to the robots) and I’m not quite sure what is going to happen. I just hope everyone who is in that Van survived the crash. I don’t really wanna see anyone dying as well. That would be really bad for the fans and people are going to rage for sure if that happens.

It’s interesting how everyone supports Kaito with Ichika. Even Kanna support them. What great friends Kaito has. You are just lucky Kaito.. Next time you won’t lol! Oh and I forgot to mentioned how awesome Tetsurou was in this episode as well. He is one of the main reason why the show is so exciting. So did Tetsurou has feeling for Mio now? And is he trying to forget Kanna? Because she already asked her out, so I guess he is now official in love with Mio. I don’t know who to ship on the last episode but I think I know now. Tetsurou and Mio looks very sweet together, so i’d ship them both, I guess. It’s sad to see Kanna being left out alone in the forest with those alien thingy. I just hope everyone will be safe and I can’t wait for the final episode next week.

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