Animal Crossing: New Leaf North America Release

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I want it!!!

Yay! It’s finally here!  Animal Crossing is hitting North America, along with the special 3DS XL Package.  You can pick up a copy of either at your local GameStop, Walmart, BestBuy, and so on.

The box art is also pretty cool!

The 3DS XL bundle comes with a special white 3DS handheld, decorated with Animal Crossing symbols such as the leaf, fruits, and houses. The system comes with New Leaf on it, so you can buy the DS without worrying about getting the game.  If this is your first time buying a 3DS you can buy the bundle for the system and the game!

Unboxing By Nintendo

Animal Crossing is a virtual life game, except everyone’s an animal! You can perform all sorts of actions and tasks such as fishing, bug catching, digging, and gardening. In the earlier games, the player moves to the village while looking for a home. They come with money, but not enough to pay off their house. Instead, while living life the player finds ways to pay off his/her debt. New Leaf is a bit different, adding new features such as swimming, designing your village, and more. This time around you’re the mayor! Your village is under your control.


 New Leaf has been highly regarded in reviews, being labeled as the best Animal Crossing yet. Stay tuned for my next post on first impressions of the game. 


  1. I've never played Animal Crossing so my hype for this game is minimal at best. Still, there's a high chance I could be surprised by it.

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