Happy New Year everyone! It’s a new beginning, meaning the first Tsumiki cat-glares, first Hime nosebleeds, first Sakaki abuse, first Mayoi-service, and the first Io rude awakening! But more importantly, it’s a fresh start for Io and Tsumiki – what can we expect? Will Io finally notice Tsumiki’s feelings after a year of Acchi Kocchi? (Sorry for the wait btw!)

I used to be an arrow, until I took a Mayoi to the bun.

True to the spirit of Acchi Kocchi, most of the episode is focused on the early festivities of New Year’s – such as this delightful sequence, and some of this too – and it all comes together nicely. No one is left out as the entire cast gets together in both A and B Side; Kikue-sensei, Miiko, Kana, Saki, and even Kyouya all joined in on the fun, but also as if to say “thank you and farewell” to us fans that stuck with them to the very end. I speak for everyone when I say it’s touching but also quite sad, since we enjoyed every minute of these idiots going about their daily lives; we’ve all grown so attached to these lovable goofballs, and knowing that there’s only one episode after this breaks my heart.

Team Idiot!

Heart-beak aside, there were plenty of chuckle-worthy moments, like a game of Mochi Kiss or Io sniping those damn blood-suckers with toothpicks, or maybe the blatant ship-teasing between Mayoi and Sakaki. But really stole the show was the development of Io and Tsumiki’s relationship – after seasons of anime of two people who are in love never actually getting together, Io’s actually developing feelings for Tsumiki! This may very well be the anime that restores my faith in not only this genre, but the medium itself! If there’s any sort of indication of the two becoming a couple, you can bet I’m super excited for it. But, as many of you may understand, I’ve been utterly disappointed before (GUILTY CROWN GAAAAAAAAA-), and this anime is still slice-of-life comedy first and foremost. My heart is ready in case things go south real fast.

Maybe it’s just me, but I could use some more slow-paced, soft and innocent romantic stories. Io and Tsumiki are so good together; each has showed bouts of steady progression, growing chemistry, and intimacy that the two are starting to get comfortable with – offering to hold hands, head patting, sharing food, leaning on one another, and just everything else that’s between them. The pacing and atmosphere couldn’t be better for the upcoming finale. And what better time for Io and Tsumiki to get their feelings across then White Day?

Gee, I really don’t want this post to end yet. It might’ve taken 11 episodes to reach this point, but I’m not ready to let this go, not when Io and Tsumiki’s relationship is just getting started. And y’know, I don’t think I’ll ever be.

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