Hello everyone! I’m Rekari, but feel free to call me Reka for short. I’m currently an 18 year old student, entering college soon. I will be writing for Wan Abrar for the time being, posting editorials, anime reviews, game reviews, and maybe even some music. I’m what you call a jack of all trades, yet a master of none. Coming from my own blog, I’m what can be considered a Freelance Writer. Someday, I hope to make a career from my writing.

Aside from writing, I’m interested in Japanese culture. When I was in the sixth grade, I discovered anime for the first time. (not including things such as Pokémon, Yugioh, etc) Naruto was my first, like many others. I still love Naruto to this day! Vampire Knight came after, and with Verizon’s Funimation Channel, I began to watch anime every day.

Recently, I’ve taken a big interest in Vocaloid. If you’ve never heard any Vocaloid songs, I recommend heading over to YouTube right now. Miku is by far my favorite, with Luka following close behind. I can give a good list of songs to listen to, since most people get bad first impressions.

I like taking anime and manga to another level; looking at the symbolism and emotional themes behind the characters and plot. Some anime is all fun and games, but when you peel off the outer layer, you delve into beautiful writing. I believe some miss this part of anime, and it would be great to share this with them. In my opinion, every anime has some sort of story, contrary to people saying Ecchi and Harem genres don’t have much a plot. (They do you just have to put away your grains of salt!)

I can’t really think of anything else to include in this introduction, so I’ll just add a few fun facts for you guys to read.

  • I like both English Dubs and Subs.
  • I’m a violinist, played for 7 years or so.
  • Novelist, currently working on two books.
  • I like looking into Philosophy, wondering how the world works.
  • Love almost all types of music, as long as it doesn’t have a bad meaning.
  • Major fan of Yamada from B Gata H Kei (Why is there so little fan art of her?)

If you guys haven’t seen B Gata H Kei check it out now!

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