I noticed there was a lack of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs or MMOS) on the site, so I thought a post would be ideal. I’ve been playing a new MMO, and it’s quite good. It’s called Rusty Hearts, labeled as the fastest free action MMORPG.

So what’s this game about?

    The game takes place in Europe, after the devastation of black plague. The characters are in a special force known as the Hermetic Association of the Golden Seal, a unification of small rebel groups to fight against Lord Vlad’s vampire army. To sum it up, there’s this evil guy who is a vampire. He ended up declaring war on the humans and half-breeds. You’re fighting a war against him.

The story seems somewhat generic, but as you progress in the game it begins to develop more depth. The long cut scenes scattered throughout the game are quite interesting, but if you’re in a hurry you can always turn them off in the settings. Oddly the characters stand out; each NPC has a unique personality. Unlike normal NPCs they aren’t your normal robots, the dialogue is filled with humor and comedy.

Typical story cutscene.

The characters include four main playable characters with more as skins. They all can wield different types of weapons: swords, axes, twin swords, etc. Each starts off with a basic look, but can be customized with skins bought from the fashion shop. Luckily the fashion shop requires only in-game currency.


Running a dungeon with Frantz.

   Rusty Hearts is a hack and slasher. Players have one attack button, a guard button, and a grab. You can mash the heck out of the attack key, and still live. In the later levels, it gets a bit harder and if you aren’t careful you’ll die.

Skills are also present in the game and they differ for each character. Players run dungeons like any other MMO, some which are beautifully tied into the story. The game is even controller compatible, so you can hook up your PS3 or Xbox controller.

After reaching level 20 in game you can focus change. What is a focus change? It’s known as job advancement. To start, each character is able to use three weapons.  Until reaching level 20 you are able to switch weapons at will. When you focus change you lose this privilege, and you’re stuck with a single weapon. Each one has its own pros and cons, but you’re it’s companion for life. After focus change the gameplay increases in difficulty and the action is increased. Your character even gets a boost, gaining new skills and combos. Even old skills are redone and usable with new effects.

Angela with her focus change weapon.

The skins or clones are equivalent to those present in the game Smash Bros. Melee.  The clones act like Fox and Falco, Marth and Roy, Link and Young Link, etc. They share movesets/skillsets, but possess small differences. Each character clone has their own personality.

Even though the game starts at a slow pace, the combat is still fluid and action packed. The slow start can be a turn off to some gamers, but for others it’s just the calm before the storm.  The first dungeons were painfully easy depending on the character, and for others I faced greater difficulty. (For example, when using the character Natasha, I had a harder time fighting. She has little hitsun and performs poorly against the mobs. The constant need to reload ammunition was a slightly realistic touch, but somewhat annoying.) Just pick your fancy, as with Angie I had an easy time at the start, clearing dungeons without taking a hit.

Be prepared to do quite a bit of walking in the game, as there’s no such thing as a mount or faster way of transportation. It’s somewhat annoying, but it’s not that big of a deal. Another unique feature is item weight. The more items you have in your bag, the more you weigh, simple as that. Only problem is, the more you weigh the slower your character moves. Surprisingly it’s not that big of a deal; the movement speed reduction isn’t very noticeable, but if you’re a pack rat like me you might feel pressured by the system.

Typical story cutscene
The four main characters.



Fast, fluid gameplay

Interactive dungeons

Interesting characters, some generic with a twist

Intriguing story

Low learning curve

Small community

Multiple servers

Unique fighting system

Wide selection of weapons

Free, with premium features

Fashion shop clothes can be purchased with game currency

Anime Styled Graphics

Game runs fast




Launcher problems

Walking everywhere

Hard to find parties

Character bugs

Frequent spelling and grammar errors

Voice acting could be better

Lack of servers outside U.S. and Europe

Artwork changes

Slow loading at times


   Disregarding minor bugs and loading problems, the game is great. It’s extremely addicting and the characters are quite interesting. The dark scenery of the game provides an ominous feeling, and the killer soundtrack is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. Try it out, you might enjoy yourself.


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