Persona 5 Delayed to Summer 2016, PV3 and Character Details


Atlus has confirmed, as part of a new trailer, Persona 5 has been delayed until Summer of next year for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The game was previously scheduled to come out this year in Japan at least, with Atlus US also stating it was set for a release in North America for 2015. When the game was officially announced in late 2013, it came initially with a Holiday 2014 launch on PlayStation 3. That was pushed last September into 2015 along with the announcement of the PlayStation 4 version. You can also check out the director interview below.

A cast list for the game has also been revealed:

  • Jun Fukuyama as Protagonist
  • Rina Satou
  • Aki Toyosaki
  • Nana Mizuki as An Takamaki
  • Hirohiko Kakegawa
  • Tomokazu Sugita
  • Jouji Nakata
  • Yuji Mitsuya
  • Ikue Ohtani
  • Kazunari Tanaka
  • Minako Arakawa
  • Mamoru Miyano as Ryuji Sakamoto
  • Yuko Kaida
  • Masane Tsukayama
  • Souichiro Hoshi
  • Aoi Yūki
  • Shuuichi Ikeda
  • Haruka Tomatsu
  • Yukitoshi Hori

Meet the protagonist, Ryuji, An, and Morgana.

Protagonist (voiced by Jun Fukuyama, voice samples)P5-Character-Details

The leader of the Phantom Thieves. A 16-year-old young man and second-year high school student who transfers to Shujin High School. He seems quiet and well-mannered at first glance, but gives a completely different impression once he has donned his “phantom thief” guise. He finds residence at the Shiken Cafe run by his parents’ friend. The reason for him moving from the city to the capital Tokyo is currently unknown.

Ryuji Sakamoto (voiced by Mamoru Miyano, voice samples)P5-Character-Details2

Just like the protagonist, he is a 16-year-old, second-year student at Shujin High School. He stands out with his wild behavior and seems to be a “problem child” even within the school. More than often, his problematic behavior imposes on the hospitality of the school’s teachers and advisers. He previously did not behave the way he currently does, but the origin of his bad behavior is currently unknown.

An Takamaki (voiced by Nana Mizuki, voice samples)P5-Character-Details3

A 16-year-old, quarter-American girl who attends Shujin High School. Unable to fit in with those around her due to her noticeably different appearance, she isolates herself within the school. She is often seen hanging out with the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto. Strange rumors about her have seemingly been circulating the school, but whether or not they’re true is currently unknown.

Morgana (voiced by Ikue Otani, voice samples)P5-Character-Details4

The most mysterious member of the Phantom Thieves. Childlike in height, her appearance imitates that of a black cat, but her true identity is completely unknown. It looks like she’s wearing something on her head, but…? That is all the information we currently have. Though she does resemble the black cat often seen with the protagonist…


New details on Persona 5, including the reveal of its fifth party member, have leaked via Japanese magazines.

Our heroes shake up the big city as the “Heart’s Phantom Thieves.” They send notice in advance to persons to confess their crimes and reform, and set out to steal the “rotten hearts” from “rotten adults” for the sake of changing a rotten world.


  • Protagonist – Arsene
  • Ryuji Sakamoto – Captain Kidd
  • Morgana – Zorro
  • Ann Takamaki – Carmen

Fifth Party Member
The fifth member of the Phantom Thieves is a young man named Yuusuke Kitagawa, voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. His persona is Goemon. He is a scholarship student that attends the Kousei Public High School as part of the academy’s art course. He is a live-in disciple of his Japanese painter landlord Madarame.


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