Everything You Need To Know About The New Japan Nintendo 3DS Direct


Nintendo of Japan just did a 3DS Direct today. There were some surprises from Shulk being revealed as a new Super Smash Bros. character, to Xenoblade being remake for the 3DS, and also a new 3DS version which is called the New 3DS and New 3DS XL. There was the announcement of Bravely Second coming to Japan in Winter as well as a new Monster Hunter 4G bundle with the New 3DS XL bundle. If you haven’t watch the Nintendo Direct(or you can watch it above), we have everything that you need to know in this post. It will contain informations about North America as well as Europe, besides Japan. Below are everything you need to know about the latest Japanese 3DS Direct.


Xenoblade Protagonist Shulk Joins the Smash Bros. Roster


Swordsman Shulk, the hero of Xenoblade Chronicles, will be playable in the upcoming Smash Bros. games, Nintendo announced today during their 3DS Nintendo Direct. Click here to see the short trailer for Shulk Smash Bros. reveal.


Bravely Second Will Be Out This Winter in Japan

According to today’s Nintendo Direct, the eagerly-awaited Bravely Second will be released on the Nintendo 3DS this Winter in Japan. There is no news about it coming to the West.


Nintendo 3DS To Get Custom Themes For Home Menu

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The Nintendo 3DS is getting custom themes, Nintendo of America announced today. Note that these are for the regular 3DS and 3DS XL models, and not just the “New” model revisions that were announced for Japan this morning. Following a system update in October, the Nintendo 3DS Home menu will be capable of equipping different themes that change the menu background, icons, folders, music and sound effects. Themes will be available for purchase from a “Theme Shop” that will be added to the Home menu. More details will be announced at a future date.


Register Smash Bros. on Both Wii U and 3DS and Get a Soundtrack Disc for Free


As another offering for fans, those who register both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions of the games in Club Nintendo(before a set time) you can claim the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U: Premium Sound Selection, a free soundtrack CD packed with tunes taken from and inspired by the games. Further details on the timings pertaining to this offering will follow at a later date.” This offer is available to members in Europe and North America as well besides Japan.


Nintendo Confirms amiibo Launch Range of 12 Figurines

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$12.99 each in North America. The initial launch line-up of amiibo figurines will have 12 characters — Mario, Peach, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer. These are naturally targeted at Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, though the previously confirmed range of other games will support the figures. Though no pricing has been given for Europe, Nintendo of America has confirmed that the figurines will be $12.99 each in the region, and are available to pre-order from major retailers. The press releases state that more figures will come in future, of course, though there may be lingering disappointment that Nintendo hasn’t been able to boost the initial line-up shown at E3 for launch.


Xenoblade Chronicles Announced For New Nintendo 3DS 

During the stream, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that a remake of Xenoblade Chronicles is currently in the works and will be released for the New Nintendo 3DS models. The remake is something they’ve previously wanted to do for the Nintendo 3DS, but were not able to due to its lack of CPU power, but now that it’s getting a boost with the newer version, it has been made possible. Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models.


Nintendo Shows Off 38 “Kisekae Plate” Changeable Covers For New 3DS


Today’s announcement of New Nintendo 3DS models brought us plenty of interesting details, including the fact that the smaller model will have the unique feature of easy-to-use interchangeable faceplate covers — branded as “Kisekae Plates” in Japan — that slide across the top and bottom sections. As this smaller, less expensive model is likely to be targeting children, especially, this seems like a clever move to tap into that collectible urge while offering plenty of affordable options. Nintendo Japan is showing off 38 different designs that will be available, with prices ranging from 1000 Yen — the majority are 1500 Yen — up to one option at 3000 Yen. That’s a price range of around $9.60 / £5.80 to $28.80 / £17.40.


​Nintendo Announced a New 3DS and 3DS XL

It’s called the New Nintendo 3DS. It’s faster with bigger screens and better battery life. It also has a new analog pad called the “C-stick.” The New Nintendo 3DS comes in White and Black. There is also a New Nintendo 3DS XL that comes in Metallic Blue and Metallic Black. Note that in Japan, the 3DS XL is called the “3DS LL.”


The New 3DS also has colorful, revamped face buttons. The new C-stick will be used in Dragon Quest X: OnlineFinal Fantasy Explorers, and Monster Hunter 4G to control the in-game camera function, and in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS to unleash Smash Attacks. 

new 3ds colour buttons

The game card slot, however, has been moved to the front left side. You can also see the power button and where the touch pen is housed.


The New Nintendo 3DS has a new function, which is a cool and welcome change the screen can automatically adjust brightness depending on the lighting. Using this function isn’t only easy, but it means better battery life. The New Nintendo 3DS also has an improved 3D function. With the original 3DS, if you viewed the 3D effect from the side and didn’t stay in the “sweet spot,” the 3DS became all blurred. However, the New 3DS has improved 3D, enabling players to continue to see the 3D effect even if viewed from an angle. Nintendo figured out how to stabilize the 3D. The New 3DS uses the portable’s camera and gyro sensors to track the player’s face. And the New 3DS can then make adjustments, ensuring the 3D effect isn’t blurred. 


The New Nintendo 3DS is also equipped with a NFC reader/writer in its bottom screen, which means players can put Amiibo toys directly on the portable to have the New 3DS read them. For those who need extra storage, the New 3DS will use a Micro SD card. The New 3DS also has a more powerful CPU, which means players can download games and content quicker. This means that better-looking games can be developed for the New 3DS, but also that there will be New 3DS-exclusive titles, such as the already announced  Xenoblade Chronicles.

new 3ds price

The New Nintendo 3DS is priced at 16,000 yen ($154) and the New Nintendo 3DS XL is priced at 18,800 yen ($181). Both will be out October 11 in Japan. 


The New 3DS is faster and bigger with improved hardware and a better battery life. While the New 3DS is slightly heavier, the New 3DS XL is actually lighter. The battery life for the New Nintendo 3DS is from 3.5 to 6 hours, while the battery life for the New Nintendo 3DS XL is from 3.5 to 7 hours.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate-New 3DS XL bundle


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate-New 3DS XL bundle will be going on sale in Japan on October 11. It will cost 25,600 yen, or roughly $245, and it includes the game, and a 3DS XL unit with a nice silver finish from Nintendo’s upgraded 3DS line.


New 3DS ‘Filters’ The Internet In Japan

new 3ds browser filter

In what seems to be a new form of parental control, New 3DS consoles will come with a pre-installed filter which limits what websites can be visited using the built in web browser. The filter can be turned off for a fee of 30 yen ($0.29), which is deducted immediately upon registering a valid credit card. According to Nintendo, the filter will be used to “prevent children from looking at harmful websites” on the New 3DS, and the fee (and credit card registration) is required so that children cannot disable the filter without their parents’ consent.


Ultimate NES Remix Coming To 3DS This November

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It has been revealed today that the Wii U eShop series NES Remix is making the leap to the 3DS in the form of Ultimate NES Remix. The game which will be released on the 3DS eShop and in stores will boast quick-fire challenges from 16 8-bit classics. It will also have online leaderboards and a Championship Mode. The game will launch in North America on November 5th, with the European release coming two days later. Both eShop and physical releases planned.

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