Clannad: Full Voice Edition Coming to Steam



Sekai Project licenses Clannad for Steam release. They are bringing the Clannad visual novel to the West. The announcement was made during a panel at Japan Expo USA today. The version of the visual novel is called “The Full Voice Edition” which probably means that every single dialogue on the novel will probably have voice-over. No release date was announced at the moment.


How excited are you about this? It’s finally coming to the West and i’m really happy about this. What was once impossible is somehow possible. It’s not the first visual novel this year being localized to the West and I hope it won’t be the last. I’ve actually backed a visual novel from Sekai Project last month called “fault milestone one” at Kickstarter, and i’m really glad I’ve supported them. Hopefully more to come in the near future.


  1. Seems like question the survey they released awhile back was not for show. Personally, I am not a big fan of Clannad (that is a discussion for another time), but happy nonetheless that they decided to bring it over fully voiced. Sekai Project is actually one of many companies I’m helping as a member of the press, so great I get to show my support. Looking forward to the fault milestone project and their future releases.

    • Not sure if you didn’t like the visual novel, or the anime. If it was the anime, hopefully you actually watched After Story.

      Good to know, Sekai Project is great and I’m hoping to support them more in the future. I’m not really sure how good they are with the translation but as long as it is localized, i’m grateful.

  2. I’m not into visual novels myself, but I’m happy they are getting exposure in the “west”, as I think it’s an interesting type of media (just not for me).

    I enjoyed the Clannad anime, but I will never watch “After Story” (I’m not strong enough).

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