Bayonetta 2 Is Gonna Be Awesome


There was a Nintendo Direct earlier today, and it was all about Bayonetta 2. The Bayonetta 2 Direct explains pretty much all the new combos, weapons, costumes, as well as a new playable characters in the game. If you plan to watch the Direct then I won’t spoil you any further, watch the 30 minute long video below.

While we already knew Bayonetta would have Peach and Samus costumes, there is also a Fox McCloud outfit which is new. As mentioned above Bayonetta 2 will also feature variations of the Nintendo costumes found in the Wii U Bayonetta port, with Princess Peach, Daisy, Link and Samus included. The Nintendo Direct also confirmed more alternative outfits, such as a stylish Chinese-influenced ensemble.


The best thing about getting Bayonetta 2 on Wii U is that you could get the first game for free on physical release. As for the digital version on e-Shop, you can buy both games separately. If you just plan on getting Bayonetta 2, but not the first one, it might be cheaper just to buy it separately. They didn’t mention the price for each of the game, so we don’t know. Buying both on Nintendo e-Shop will give you a discount price of $59.98, 1 cent cheaper from buying the physical game.

How excited are you about the game? Would you get a Wii U to play this game? I know some of my friends would get a Wii U just for this game. As for me, I already own one, so it’s of course a day 1 buy for me, having enjoyed playing the first game on PS3.


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