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    It is March 19th, a beautiful spring day and more importantly the birthday of Wan Abrar, the wonderful blog I have the privilege to write for.  In celebration of this wonderful day (even though this post will probably be posted on the 20th) I am counting down my personal favorite anime of all time.  These are my choices so don’t be too mean to me.  The choices are based personally on how much I enjoyed the series, some may not have the best stories or animation but I find the great.  So lets get started!

    10. Code Geass

    Number 10 was by far the toughest one to pick.  There are so many other anime that I wanted to add to the list including Angel Beats! Beck, and AnoHana, but Code Geass triumphed over them.  No other anime has created such an interesting alternate history world.  Also who doesn’t love a protagonist who is more of an antihero than a good guy?

     9. Welcome to the N.H.K

    What a great example of how it is an anime’s story and not the animation which makes it truly good.  Despite Gonzo not really trying on the animation it’s the story that touched me.  Welcome to the N.H.K is about university dropout hikikomori and his daily struggles to survive.  While being funny at times it more focuses psychological aspects of hikikomori and Otaku culture.  I have never seen another anime treat these subjects so accurately (probably because the story is partially based off of the writers own life) and it’s a real treat to watch.

    8. Toradora!

    Toradora! is my favorite serious romance anime (I haven’t seen Clannad so things are always subject to change)  What made the show good was watching the relationship blossom between Taiga and Ryuji.  The show has some funny moments and also some moments that were extremely dark.  The best part though was that there was an actually satisfying ending which I was happy with.

    7. Baccano!

    Baccano! is a violent, fun, confusing ride.  Baccano! is like Pulp Fiction where all the scenes of the anime are aired out of order.  The series consists of many stories that are intertwined which makes one great overall story. I really loved that when the series was over everything was drawn together so well. Also every character in the series is great and there are over 30 of them.  Most of them are developed well despite this series being only 13 episodes. (I’m not counting the 3 OVAs that didn’t do much for the series)

    6. Fullmetal Alchemist 

    I have yet to have time to watch Brotherhood so this is based completely off the first series, which is a classic.  I don’t think I have to say much more because I bet 99% percent of you have seen it.  I have never met a person who didn’t like Fullmetal, so someone prove me wrong here.  I know many people who don’t watch anime but have seen this series and loved it.  In conclusion the story is great, the action is great, the sounds is great, and the characters are amazing, there isn’t much more to say.

    5. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    For all those who say this series is overrated I disagree.  Studio Shaft is amazing; they were able to make a magical girl series that I could love.  Madoka Magica has a dark sad story that will play with your emotions.  The animation is amazing and very original.  I loved the cardboard cutout animation that is found in the witch worlds which is mixed well with great action scenes.  It also has an extremely satisfying ending.

    4. FLCL

    A six episode OVA that makes so little sense that I started to understand it by the end.  I love how crazy this series is.  The sloppy animation style fits the series so well and you get great characters.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this is the only anime where people fight with guitars, awesome right?  The Pillows did the soundtrack for this series, and the songs are unbelievably good.  I have watched this anime so many times, Adult Swim shows it every Saturday and I always find myself watching it.

    3. Arakawa Under the Bridge 

    You might find this to be a strange number 3 but never have I laughed harder at anything than Arakawa.  This show is not for everyone; the humor may be lost on a lot of people.  I love how random this show is, but it still manages to have a structured plot underneath the randomness.  The characters are what make this show wonderful and unique. They are extremely original for the most part and just downright silly.  Arakawa is another Studio Shaft production so as expected the animation is great.

    2. Steins; Gate

    Steins; Gate is masterpiece.  I am going to quote Rei from his top 10 countdown of 2011 because what he says is exactly right, “It will twist your emotions in multiple ways loads of times. It’s an absolute must-watch, and it’s definitely one of THE best thrillers in the history of anime.”  I don’t think I have ever been on the edge of my seat as much as when watching Steins; Gate.  The show has so many plot twists and things I would have never expected.  The characters are amazing and likable, Okabe being my favorite Male character of all time.  I also can’t freak wait for the movie!

     1 Bakemonogatari   

    As some of you may know if you have seen my review of it, Bakemonogatari is my favorite anime of all time. At this time I am treating Bakemonogatari as its own series because episodes 12&13 of Nisemonogatari have yet to air and I also don’t know how I feel about the sequal so far. What I love best about Bakemono is the dialogue; no other dialogue has ever kept me so engaged.  While the show has some fan service which normally turns me off from an anime, I felt like it was handled properly and it never gets in the way of the series.  The characters are amazing; they all have their own unique personalities that fit the series perfectly.  This is Studio Shaft second best animation (as long as you have seen the finished version) second only to Madoka.  I could go on and on so if you want to hear more go read my review on this site.

    Thank you for reading 🙂 Make sure to leave me some feedback and tell me some of your favorite anime.  Happy birthday again to the blog and thanks for reading.



    1. First of, wow! I can't believe Welcome to NHK made the list. It was fun though no doubt. I wish there was a remake. The production could have been better.

      I have no idea what FLCL is all about guess I should watch it when there is some spare time. I've yet to watch Arakawa UTB, I think it's going to be fun and enjoyable.

      You should really watch Brotherhood it's amazing. Seriously the best Shounen ever 😀 And yes watch Clannad After Story, my no.1 anime.

      The list is all good. Love it 😉

      • I plan watching both brotherhood and clannad over the summer when I know I have time to watch long series without stopping. Flcl is crazy and only 6 episodes so if don't like it not much time is wasted, and deff watch arakawa sometime 🙂

    2. Glad to see you have Steins;Gate and FMA on the list^^ But I do recommend watching FMA Brotherhood. I used to like FMA, but not to the point of liking it as my All time Fav Anime. But watching Brotherhood completely changes my perspective, you should give it a try^^
      My recent post Nisemonogatari Review

    3. These lists are always fun. I would very likely have Steins;Gate in my top 10 as well–perhaps top 5 even.
      I am in the middle of Toradora right now, and it's getting quite good. (I'm at ep 15 or so.) Curious to see how it will end.

    4. I haven't seen all of these, but I think this is a great anime list. Steins;gate is my favorite, but bakemonogatori is very good as well.

      – random guy

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