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    I started watching anime out of boredom. There was nothing on TV that interested me anymore and one of my friends told me to watch a show and I enjoyed it. Quite a bit. For a couple of months, I confined myself to english dubbed anime. That is until I watched a horrible dub. There are a lot of good anime out there. These particular shows have gotten me hooked on the stuff thus earning a place in my top 10 list.  Anyways, here they are: (In no particular order since choosing 10 was difficult enough)

    Bakemonogatari (2009)

    I started watching this show because the artwork looked awesome (and Senjougahara looked hawt). It was a well written, dialogue intense anime that was incredibly unique. I really liked how they never used more than 5 colors in any scene. The characters and their backgrounds are superb. Not much else needs to be said.


    Elfen Lied (2004)

    This was the first full anime series I watched. Holy crap was it one hell of a way to start off watching anime. It starts off incredibly intense and maintains that intensity throughout the series. It was such a good romantic tradgedy that would do the Greeks proud.


    Darker Than Black (2007)

    I believe this was the third series I watched ever. I really like how every contractor paid a price for using their powers. Some had to break bones while some had to eat a ridiculous amount of food. The setting blew me away. Up to now, I haven’t seen any anime that’s even remotely similar to the Darker Than Black series

    Paranoia Agent (2004)

    Thank you Satoshi Kon you brilliant and bizarre writer. You are definitely missed. Everything about this anime is set completely far apart from anything else out there. There was meaning behind everything in the series including the OP/ED’s. If you have not seen this, do so. Also, check out Perfect Blue and Paprika because you are missing out.


    Full Metal Panic! (2002)

    I love this show. It’s probably my most watched series ever. I, myself am a huge military buff. Kinda have to be since I am currently in the process of enlisting in the U.S. Military. Anyways, I found everything very entertaining. I don’t think there’s any other anime with characters like the ones in FMP. If there are, hit me up and let me know.


    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2006)

    Another one of my most watched series ever. If you watch anime then no doubt you have seen this show. The characters and their personality are second to none. Yuki is a beast.


    Akira (1988)

    I remember seeing this movie back in high school. Aside from pokemon, it was my first legit anime movie. I was a gritty, post-apocalyptic Tokyo in a state of anarchy. Incredible artwork for an anime made in the 80’s. If you haven’t seen this yet. Do yourself a favor and do so.


    Toradora (2008)

    Toradora is one of my favorite shows because it wasn’t your average romantic comedy. It was a genuine story about love, friendship, and family with all the joys and problems that come along with it.


    Valkyria Chronicles (2009)

    Valkyria Chronicles is one of my favorite games so when I found out that there was an anime adaptation out, I was all over it. I was very happy that they took the animation style from the game and used it in the anime.


    Claymore (2007)

    The only problem with this show was the end. I left everything wide open and unfinished. (Still, it was way better than the Mass Effect 3 ending) The claymore are seen as a necessary evil and are treated like an unwanted guest which I thought was pretty cool.

    So now you all know my top 10 shows. So if my tastes coincide with yours, let me know!



    1. Nice list there. I've yet to see Claymore and Paranoia Agent. I remember wanting to watch this two in the past. Wonder why I never picked it up.. I guess i'm more of a gamer back then.

      It's also nice to see Bakemono, Akira, Haruhi, Toradora and Darker than Black on the list 🙂

    2. Interesting. I'm somewhat new to the genre too, I'd say I've seen 15 series and around 7 movies in about 18 months of "serious" anime watching.

      I did watch Saint Seiya and DBZ when I was a puppy though, so I'm not THAT alien to anime.

      From y our list, I love Darker than Black (all of it–I like Gemini too) and Baccano. I've watched Claymore too, but I consider it "ok". Those are among the only seven anime's I"ve watched so far that I'd say are 10/10 instant classics for me.

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