How do otaku make meaning in being “otaku”?

How do Japanese otaku make meaning in being otaku? How do they make meaning in the things they do and create? Otaku are "obsessive fans of anime, manga and video games." It's a cultural...

Marth’s Top 10 Anime

Haven't seen me in a while, huh? Or do you even remember me? Either way, I'm back and I'm not pulling any punches. Since the other authors seem to be busting out these top...

Robert’s Top 10 Anime

Being a new otaku I tend to prioritize the quality of the animation over the story. So, sadly , most of the anime that you will see here have been released  2004+. I am...

Kenta’s Top 10 Anime

Hey! It’s been a while folks! Two weeks was it? Three? I know I said there’d be an article on “moe”, but I’ve been really busy these past few weeks (University and FUN stuff...

Sothisisawkward’s Top 10 Anime

I started watching anime out of boredom. There was nothing on TV that interested me anymore and one of my friends told me to watch a show and I enjoyed it. Quite a bit....

Xana’s Top 10 Anime

It is March 19th, a beautiful spring day and more importantly the birthday of Wan Abrar, the wonderful blog I have the privilege to write for.  In celebration of this wonderful day (even though...

Top 10 Anime of 2011

Hai everyone! With the new year rapidly approaching, it’s time to look back on our favorites of 2011. Below is our pick of the top 10 anime of 2012.  This list is subjective and not...

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