Gangsta. First Impressions

So i'm gonna start this new season with Gangsta. As you might expect from the name, it's going to be one violent show. This anime reminds me of Black Lagoon. It starts with the opening...

Rei’s Spring 2012 Season Review

Yo! It's been a while, I know. I've been really busy with my studies and finally it's the semester break and I could relax for a week. So yeah i'm writing a little review...

One Punch Man Episode 4 and 5

This anime is just good. I've been wondering for a while whether there will be any real story behind this show. Looks like we are finally getting something after episode 5. So there is a...

Ore Monogatari!! Episode 19

As always another great episode for Ore Monogatari. It was a moving episode, and of course lots of funny moment as always. This week was all about Takeo's mom, and a side of Takeo...

Barakamon Episode 6

I didn't expect the new characters to be so different in this episode. Well I was definitely wrong there, it was good to see the difference between the city folk and townspeople though. The...

Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 6

Another great episode. Kawaii as ever Umaru is, embrace the kawaiiness! So this week is Umaru's birthday, they didn't talk about it that much though, but still the other parts was really fun to...

Barakamon Episode 8

You know, this entire time I've thought of Naru as very outgoing and definitely one of the major sources of the light-heartedness in this anime, yet I've never stopped to consider what her personal...

This Boy Can Fight Aliens/Kono Danshi, Uchū-jin to Tatakaemasu Review

Hey what’s up everyone, first off I won’t to apologize for not posting as frequently this season as I used too.  To make up for my lack of posting I’m going to be posting...

Tamayura Gets 4-Part Movie Finale

According to Tamayura's official site, an announcement was made earlier today that a series of four anime movies have been green-lit for production. The films will complete story of Tamayura which revolves around Sawatari Fuu and her friends in the final...

Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider Episode 10

A very good episode. That one thing that I actually didn't really thought about much, or think it was possible. In this episode we pretty much found out about everything, left me thinking what...

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