Working!!! S3 Episode 6

Another week, another new Working episode. Sadly I didn't find this week's episode that good though. It was alright overall, but that Mahou Shoujo part was unnecessary. It was still fun though if you...

Chobits Review

Hey everyone, it's time for something mushy. If you're a fan of action and the like...well, I'll review something like that next week. Chobits seems to be set in a futuristic society, but it...

Himouto! Umaru-chan Episode 8

Another week, another Umaru-chan episode. It's snowing and it's almost that time of the year already in Himouto. Most of this episode is about them spending time during Christmas and New Year's Eve. It's...

One Punch Man First Impressions

This anime probably has one of the most impressive first episode I've ever seen. The action was great, yet funny at the same time. The show is about a guy who’s a hero for fun, who literally...

Kuroko no Basuke Episode 66

This week's episode was very good. Things that I actually predict to happen, actually happened. Though I didn't see that one coming, the part where the team made Kuroko cried. It's really hard for...

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Episode 7

I think this is the best episode, out of all the episodes that is out so far for this series. It's just freaking hilarious, that I can't stop laughing all the way through the...

Ore Monogatari!! Episode 22

Yet another good episode. Takeo and the gang is going to the zoo this week. Well it's not about the zoo that what makes it good though. It had some feels in it, and...

Gyo Review

While the spring season slowly crawls closer, meaning episodic reviews for me, I thought I would review another anime.  It is time to review Gyo, one of studio Ufotable newest 70 minute long OVAs. ...

Ore Monogatari!! Episode 15

I thought last week's show was good, but this week's episode was even better. I really think it was going to be a normal episode where it's only about Takeo and Yamato, but turns...

Gangsta. Episode 4

I'm impressed. This episode was pretty great, so much hype at the end. Lots of history, character deepening, introduction, plot development, man this had a lot of everything. It's a very interesting one, and...

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