MM! Review

I don’t know what made me watch this anime in the first place. The tsundere-harem-ecchi genre really isn’t my thing (well, with the exception of Bakemonogatari) Today I will be reviewing MM! by studio...

Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 6

The longer I watch this show, the better it gets. This is what I think, whenever I finished watching every week. There isn't anymore of those fanservice as well. As expected, it's a viral...

Nisemonogatari Review

So as some of you may know my favorite anime of all time is Bakemonogatari so I was ecstatic when I heard last year that a sequel was being made.  I had extremely high...

Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 7

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That's what all this episode is about. I can say that it felt a bit too fast in terms of pacing, but everything did go well overall. There...

Steins;Gate Review

Steins;Gate is set in the summer of 2010, approximately one year after the events that took place in Chaos;Head, in Akihabara. The anime is about a group of friends who have customized their microwave...

The Secret World of Arrietty Review

Otherwise known as Karigurashi no Arrietty to Japanese audiences, The Secret World of Arrietty opened to American theaters. Sadly I'm not from America and I didn't have the chance to watch it in english dub....

Bakemonogatari Review

Hello Xana here, I thought for my first review on Wan Abrar I should review an anime I love.  I settled on what may be my favorite anime of all time, Bakemonogatari.  I will...

Nichijou Review

It has been a while since we did any review. So lets start now, with a review of Nichijou / My Ordinary Life. Take note our reviews are always spoiler free. As always we...

Tamayura Gets 4-Part Movie Finale

According to Tamayura's official site, an announcement was made earlier today that a series of four anime movies have been green-lit for production. The films will complete story of Tamayura which revolves around Sawatari Fuu and her friends in the final...

Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 5

Overall quite an unexpected episode to watch. Things are definitely getting a lot more interesting, but the way the story unfolds this week, it's kinda unique. Not sure if it's good or bad, but...

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