We’re back!



Yes! Yes! Finally we are back blogging. Hey there, it has been a while I know. Finally we are back with a new look, new things to talk about and a new direction. Things are still gonna be the same as it used to, but with additional things to cover. We love talking about anime all the time and discussing about it with you guys. So lets not just stop there, we would like to be more than that. Our new target audience not only targets anime lover but also gamers from now on. Yup that is right, we will be talking about video games as well from now on. Besides that there is of course the usual figure news, editorial and all that stuff as well.

So let me break down to what you should expect from us from now on:

  • Regular weekly anime post
  • Anime Review
  • Anime News
  • Game News
  • Game Reviews
  • Lets Play! Game Post
  • A Bit of Figure News
  • Manga
  • Editorial Post

So what happen to all the old post? Well it’s basically hidden from now on(Updates: It’s no longer hidden), but do expect some of our best previous post to be published again in remembrance of our old blog. I’m really happy to be back and hopefully it’ll be back as the way it is, just like before. Hope to see you peeps again soon. Update: More explanation of the long hiatus here.


      • I’ve been doing pretty well all things considered. Will put you back on the neighbors list because I didn’t know the fate of Wanabrar for quite some time.

        • Your regular updates are pretty strong. Nice to see that. I’m not quite sure the fate of the blog myself but just made the decision to start it all again yesterday for good. Cool. No worries mate, i’ve yet to put mine up. Maybe soon.

          • People care what I have to say so I keep on going. It’s as simple as that.
            I’m sure your return will be a sign of many good things in the coming future.

    • Thanks. I really feel motivated again to blog. My mind was somehow made up in a day. But the website design setup took a while thus the delay. I’m happy to see you are still blogging.

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