So Why The Long Hiatus?



So what have I been up to during my absence? Well basically I was doing my best in my bachelor’s degree. It’s over for a few months now and i’m doing quite well as of late. The amount of assignments and final year projects were crazy and I have to basically postpone the revival of the blog. It took longer than expected but it’s finally back. I really can’t imagine blogging while studying at that time as I was destined to fail, if I continue in such a route. I also need time for myself and lost quite a lot of interest in following the new anime series. Besides that I was really more focus in gaming as of late and the blog didn’t really fit well with how it originally suppose to be since it’s more of an anime kinda blog. Things are changing and i’ll include gaming post as well but do expect more on anime though. I’m also pretty sorry for my fellow writers as well since I completely abandoned them but with notice that is.


So what was I doing most of the time when i’m not here for 2 years? Here is a simple breakdown of everything:

  • Assignments, assignments, final year projects and more final year projects.
  • I’ve now know how to speak and read in Japanese and still learning. Yay!
  • Gaming for probably more than 1000+ hours on my 3DS, Wii U, PS4, Vita and PC combined.
  • Marathoned all the Studio Ghibli Movies.
  • Marathoned the first 2 season of Pokemon just for the childhood memories.
  • Watch lots and lots of anime movies that I’ve never watched before.
  • Marathoned One Piece manga from chapter one to the current chapter. YOLO!
  • I’ve become a video game hoarder on Steam with 72% of the games yet to be played. Click for Stats.
  • Enjoying life with my family and friends.

Well that is a bit more of what happened during my absence. Pretty sure I didn’t explain that on my previous post. I’m planning to make more first impression post right now. Do expect a few to be published today. Thanks for reading. Bye for now.




  1. “Assignments, assignments, final year projects and more final year projects”

    Lol, my life story for the better part of last year. For right now, I am still in school, but is only for certifications while working, so I should be completely through with school after I get the last 2 of my certs this year. Have a lot of student loan debt to think about paying back. I also stand in awe of your Steam list….that is a lot of money and games. Think I might own like about 23 titles and only brought three this year. I would be more than happy to add you to my 3DS and Vita list, since I got the latter near the end of last year and love it. PSVITA username is: Moonlitasteria and the 3DS is: 4312-9736-1438 (although, I don’t use it and Steam as much).

    Anyway, nice to have you back and hope you get back up to speed.

    • Glad i’m not alone on this lol. Good luck with all that, hopefully you’ll get your certs in no time. I buy most of my games on sale, so it’s not as expensive as it looks. It is better not to buy that much and play more, but I just can’t resist last year during winter. Alright i’ll be adding both then, your PSN and 3DS. My friends code is: 5214-9688-6044.


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