Another enjoyable episode. Everything is well connected and related, that it’s really fun to watch. They seems to push the love part a lot as well. I’ve noticed it for a while now, although it’s not really the main part of it, but it’s progressing really well lately. Yachiyo and Satou seems to be advancing a bit, but the most drastic one is definitely Takanashi and Inami. They finally explained about Otoo-san and Haruna as well.


Otoo-san situation seems to be solved. He kept her wife in chains to avoid her from getting lost again. But that doesn’t really stop her from suddenly vanishing again. Although she could vanish at any moment, Yamada manage to find her quite easily. Now that I remember, every time Yamada is wondering around outside, she will always stumble with Haruna. So I guess that problem is finally solved, and we can finally see Otoo-san at work more often now. Haruna and Otoo-san’s presence seems to be really weak, that’s why they seems to be missing all the time.


Satou and Yachiyo’s situation seems to be getting pretty well. It’s advancing slowly I guess, and I wonder when Yachiyo will finally realize that she really like Satou. Is it ever gonna happen? I hope it does, because I’d be really disappointed if they just leave it that way. As for Takanashi and Inami, they are advancing really well, and it seems that it’s already a leap forward. About time all this love thing comes true really, I hope they can conclude that before this season ends.


One more problem solved this week, regarding Minegishi and her ex-wife. I really can’t seems to see how those two can get back together though. Such a weird couple. A punch from Inami solves the problem. I really haven’t seen Inami punching anyone for a while now, so it happens again. That moment when Takanashi comforts Inami though, that was a sweet moment. So I guess Inami is going to be fine when Takanashi hold hands and stuff from now on. I guess the phobia is actually gone, just that it kinda happens sometimes when she gets surprised.


Nice, so they are going to reveal who Takanashi’s mom is, finally. He seems scared about her returning home though. I guess his mom is that scary. A politian ey, and it’s revealed that her mom carries out investigation, assassination and stuff too, lol! I guess it’s going to be another entertaining week next week. More advancement in the love department I hope. Although it isn’t that funny this week, it was still great to watch overall. Hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I do. Thanks for reading.


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