This week’s episode is hilarious! I enjoyed it a lot, and it’s nice to see each of the cast having a part in the show. More Yamada and her brother, a little bit of Souta x Yachiyo moment, more Inami x Takanashi, and more Popura height problem. So much stuff, so much awesomeness.


As everyone expected, Yamada is still sticking around with everyone else in Wagnaria, but yeah she is finally returning back home. It’s nice to finally see one of the part of the story finally over. She got herself a cell phone from her mom, and that’s actually some progress there. It’s funny what her mom text back to her though, just nothing, lol! Lucky we have her brother to translate what her mom actually feels in the end. Looks like Otoo-san problem is pretty much solved as well, probably. Just because of buying milk, I really hope she doesn’t go buy anymore milk, lol! If not poor Otoo-san will be alone again.


Yamada’s big brother on the other hand, kinda have a lot of parts himself this week. It’s kinda funny that he tries to be Souma’s little brother, so he could be Yamada’s big bro. It’s silly, but that’s what you expect to happen in this anime. Satou had a little fun with Souma. That part at the end where Satou ran away from Kirio was really funny as well. I like how Kirio is trying to push Takanashi regarding Inami, and out of nowhere Souma was there to join him as well. Funny how Takanashi is now being as aggressive as how Inami used to be.


As for Satou-kun, he finally asked when Yachiyo birthday is. It’s hilarious that he had 4 presents already prepared for Yachiyo though. So 4 years of crushing to Yachiyo, and he never had the courage to asked her when her birthday is, lol! Mitsuki felt sorry for Satou, and she might finally root for him? Maybe. Funny how Souma is on the same page as Mitsuki as well.


The other part about Popura was pretty good as well. More height problems and she is ever so depressed about her height. It was really funny, but turns out she is 1 cm taller, who would have thought! It’s all because of Takanashi though, how could he still talk about that sensitive thing to Popura. I also like that Popura anticipate what Satou is going to say about her problem, lol!


A really great episode to watch. This will definitely be inside my favorite anime episode folder. Just hilarious and entertaining. I wish it was like this every week. Man, now I want some more Working! Hope next week’s episode is as great as this week. Thanks for reading.


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