Surprisingly there are lots of progress in terms of plot this week. I really didn’t expect it to be this good, as I was expecting something normal, like how Working usually is. I was definitely wrong on that part, and we got lots of progress regarding Yamada, as well as Otoo-san. I like how most of the stuff is related to each of the character we already know as well.


They really focusing a lot on Yamada lately. It’s like longer than Souta x Yachiyo stuff as well. The more they show about Yamada, the more I like about her though. Pretty funny girl. It was a sad story when we heard what happened to Yamada and her mother. It was really serious, until we know the real reason she ran away from home, lol! Running away just because her brother ate her special natto. Very trifle indeed. Only a double facepalm from Takanashi and Nazuna, can express my feelings for her reason to run a way from home.


Everyone tried their best to get her wanting to go home and stuff. It wasn’t bad. The most mind blowing moment would be how everything is sorta connected together. Takanashi’s mom, and Yamada’s mom are actually working together in one company. I really didn’t expect that too happen, and the progression this time was kinda fast, so I wasn’t expecting for all this to happen so soon. It was great though. Usually Working only has little to no progression at all, but suddenly everything kinda just happened.


In the end, it turns out that Yamada’s mother isn’t really good at communicating and stuff. That’s what created all the misunderstandings. Good to know that she actually cares for little Yamada though. I really think she was cold at first. It’s not just that though, out of nowhere Otoo-san’s wife is back and finally they were reunited as well, lol! I really was expecting this to happen, but not this way!


I can see how Otoo-san can find her wife when she is gone from now on. Looks like Yamada’s mother has that special ability, probably. That just might be the solution for Otoo-san, but I wonder if that will actually happen. It just might, I hope. Was really a good episode, unexpected plot progression out of nowhere, lol! Now I wonder what’s next that they had in store for us.


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