Working!!! S3 Episode 14


It took like 3 months, but finally we got our final episode for Wagnaria. This episode is definitely the final episode of the series. So how was it? I think they did a great job of ending it. It was a satisfying ending, they didn’t left anything off, and everything that we questioned, and wondered have basically been answered in this episode. I love it, but I’m sad as well that it’s over. At the same time I’m also happy that since Working is over, we might finally get Servant x Service season 2. If you haven’t checked that out, give it a try. It’s basically Working but with a different setting.


Now lets get on about the final episode. So basically Takanashi is missing and little Nazuna is covering him up. As expect Takanashi is locked down by his mom. For what reason we didn’t know at first. I was really worried that his mom was playing the bad guy in this episode, but turns out she isn’t. All she wanted was Takanashi to be truthful to his feelings, which is really what Takanashi needs to be doing at this point.


I really like how determined Inami is, to get together with Takanashi. There is so much she can do though, despite being super strong, she is always the shy type. In the end everyone supported Inami in a way, and she decided to talk to Takanashi’s mom. The journey to his house was kinda like a Pokemon game though. An encounter after another, by Takanashi’s sisters. I like how all of them are really supportive of Inami though. Who would have knew that Kozue is actually good at fighting.


In the end, Inami confronted Takanashi’s mom, and we basically know why she is doing what she is, to Takanashi. Turns out she doesn’t want Takanashi to become like his dad, who likes to lie. Who would have thought that Takanashi’s dad likes small things too! The mystery about Takanashi’s dad was revealed too. His face, what he is like, and what happened to him. Kinda sad to know that Takanashi’s dad has passed away though. When Takanashi’s mom found out Popura existed in Wagnaria, she was basically relieved. Relieved because Takanashi didn’t like Popura, but Inami instead. She is actually happy that Takanashi didn’t follow his dad’s footsteps. I really didn’t know Takanashi’s mom likes small things too. She really likes Popura and wanted to bring her home. I really like that part it was really cute.


And then comes the confession. To think that both of them was able to say I love you. It was really a wonderful moment. I never though the day would come for this anime, but seeing how Satou and Yachiyo was able to get together, that kinda gives hope that Inami and Takanashi would be together as well at the end. Good thing that it finally happened. I was hoping there was going to be some romance between them, but there isn’t much. Well that’s fine, as long as they are finally together. The big turn off was Yamada’s brother interfering their lovely moment. It’s funny sure, but seriously man! lol.


I really love that there is a lot of funny moments as always. They basically closed everything too. Yachiyo got a new job, Popura became Chief, and a bunch of things sorta just happened this week. It was the most satisfying ending ever. Not many anime was able to this, but Working kinda just nailed it. Popura also finally got taller! OMG! Everything is resolved. What an enjoyable ride this anime has been for me. This anime deserves a re-watch in the future, and I definitely need to get a copy of the Bluray when it is out. Overall I think this anime is just great, funny moments, some mystery, likeable characters, Popura, and a very good plot as well. I also like that the side-characters are kinda great too. I just think this anime is a must watch if anyone likes slice of life and comedy. How much do I like this anime? It definitely deserve no less than 9/10 imo. I actually put this anime on hold when the first season aired, because I didn’t like Inami that much, but things got better in the long run. Glad I give this anime another go, and marathoned it before season 3 was aired. How much do you like Working!? and how satisfied are you with the ending? As always, thanks for reading guys. See ya.


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