So it turns out this episode wasn’t the final episode yet. We have another episode which is 1 hour long, but there is no date when it is going to air yet. I’d be really disappointed if this episode was the final episode, because nothing much really happened. Good thing it’s not the finale yet. I find this episode really funny, but things didn’t go the way it was suppose be, especially the date. Besides that, it’s the usual things in Wagnaria.


I was really looking forward for the date between Inami and Takanashi, but Inami’s dad had to ruined it for all of us. Some stuff happened between them but nothing worth talking about, as it was really minor. Inami’s dad had to interrupt them, instead of them dating, it was more of a closure episode for Inami and her dad. It was kinda funny how they communicate by punching and stuff, but that’s it. No romantic moment sadly. Just when they had a moment between them, Takanashi chickened out lol!


I like that Inami has finally recovered from her androphobic issues. She no longer punch guys anymore. The part where Yamada and Popura tried to find out by forcing Souma to meet Inami was nice. To think Souma had the courage to actually touch Inami, lol! So I guess that settles it, Inami androphobic issues are all but over, but her superhuman strength still remains.


I like that Yamada part where she talks about all the embarrassing stuff that happened in Wagnaria. So Souma actually took all those photos ey, such a creeper. Yachiyo finally told everyone that she is quitting and Popura was going to be the next chief. Everyone probably know Popura was gonna be the one anyway. I like that Takanashi comforted Popura about being the next chief. Now I’m looking forward for Popura being the chief. I hope we can see that part in the 1 hour special.


That ending at the end though, lol! Such cliffhanger. I wonder what Takanashi’s mom is going to do to him. Base on the preview, we might actually see some fantasy journey from Inami and Popura. Maybe the search for Takanashi-kun going missing? I doubt the preview is gonna reveal anything anyway, so let’s just look forward for the 1 hour special to come out. Hoping it doesn’t take them that long to release the special episode. I also wonder if they are going to conclude that Takanashi x Inami part as well. If it’s not happening, I guess we might see another season maybe? Doubt there is anything interesting to make another season though, so I’m thinking they are going to finish it with this 1 hour long episode, hopefully. Thanks for reading as always, do look forward to my final Working episode whenever the it airs.


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